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How do you find creditors' addresses for filing bankruptcy?

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Check your credit report. It has the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each of the creditors used over the past 7 years. Call or go on-line to contact all three Credit Reporting Agencies. The Bankruptcy Code as amended in 2005 requires you to use the creditor's address that is on the last three written notices that creditor has sent you. If you have not received anything in writing from them in a while, then go online and search for the corporate address and telephone number. Call them and ask them what their company's bankruptcy address is. Write down the steps you took to obtain the proper address in case you need the information later. Use all addresses you have for that creditor in your bankruptcy schedules and mailing matrix - overkill is better. Failure to properly notify the creditor may result in that debt not being discharged so treat this as one of the most important aspects of filing.

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Can you but a car before filing bankruptcy?

Sure if you can find someone who will give you credit. If you pay cash the judge might make you sell it during bankruptcy to satisfy other unpaid creditors.

How can you find out if a garnishment has been stopped by filing bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy will not stop a garnishment. You cannot set aside civil judgments by filing bankruptcy.

What is a chapter 13 lawyer good at?

A chapter 13 lawyer is good at filing for bankruptcy for their client. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you find the best financial path after filing for bankruptcy.

How do you file a bankruptcy?

You would first want to find an attorney to represent you, then start referring creditors to the attorney. Then file-or if you have a lawyer, he or she will do it-a bankruptcy petition for whichever chapter you have decided on/qualify for. Then you will meet with all of your creditors, your attorney, and possibly a bankruptcy trustee. If you are filing on your own, you will want to do a large amount of research on how to go through this process. The article below goes into more detail on the process.

Where could one go to find out information about a IVA loan?

IVA, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements are formal alternatives for individuals who are wishing to avoid filing to bankruptcy. It is a contractual agreement with creditors.

How do creditors find out you filed bankruptcy?

Creditor receive a notice from your BK from the BK court.

How does a person file for chapter 11 bankruptcy?

To file chapter 11 bankruptcy one must propose a plan and then must find creditors to agree with this plan. Then, the person must take the plan and creditors to bankruptcy court where the judge will decide whether the plan can work or not. As long as the judge and all the creditors agree then that person can follow through with the plan and be in chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Is it better to open a new checking account before or after filing for bankruptcy?

You may find it difficult to open a checking about after filing bankruptcy, so I suggest opening the account before you file.

How can one find out if a company is filing for bankruptcy?

A company filing for bankruptcy must do so at a court, which is generally a matter for public record. Local procedures will determine the manner in which you can access this information.

Where can you find free printable Bankruptcy forms?

You can find free printable bankruptcy forms at your local library. has resources find and file free forms. You will still be responsible for the basic bankruptcy filing fees.

Where can you find bankruptcy information?

Bankruptcy information is available from lawyers who specialize in the area. They possess a great deal of knowledge when it comes to bankruptcy. Information about filing for bankruptcy can be found at a local courthouse.

Bankruptcy Filing Infromation?

Filing for bankruptcy can be a chilling thought, but some people will find that filing for bankruptcy is the only option available. If this sounds like you, it is going to be necessary to have as much information as you can to guide you through the bankruptcy policy. Where can you go to find information on your bankruptcy proceedings?Find Out As Much As You Can OnlineYou can find out a lot of things by going online and searching for some basic information. Find out if you are eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead of having to file for Chapter 13. The type of bankruptcy that you will file for is going to impact the decision that the court will make and how much you owe creditors. Knowing what to file can provide you an advantage going into court.Hire A LawyerOnce you know the basics of what to expect, it would be a good time to contact an attorney. A bankruptcy attorney can help you go over your assets and what you might have to give up as a result of the proceedings. A good attorney would also be able to work with creditors to possibly keep you out of bankruptcy court. It is actually a better outcome for both sides to settle before gambling in bankruptcy court.What Information Should You BringPreparing for your day in court should be a top priority. Have all of your financial documents together and bring them to court. A compelling argument needs to be backed up with facts and evidence. More evidence to prove your case in court will result in a favorable ruling from the court.Take as much time as you can to get yourself familiar with the process of filing for bankruptcy. Know what you can file for, bring an attorney to advise you and make sure you have all the documents that you need in order to obtain a favorable ruling. The last thing you want is to have to continue to make payments to creditors after being approved for bankruptcy.

Am I legally allowed to refinance my home mortgage after filing bankruptcy?

You can legally refinance if you choose to, there are no restrictions from the bankruptcy. With that, you may find that lenders will not approve your loan because of the bankruptcy.

How can one get a car loan after filing bankruptcy?

To receive a car loan after filing for bankruptcy you will probably have to rebuild your credit before applying. You can also find a co-signer with amazing credit to counteract yours.

Where can one find something about chapter 11 bankruptcy filing?

The US Courts is the best place to source information regarding chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Here you will find valuable information including how the chapter 11 bankruptcy works. Other sites that provide information include; Investopedia and Wikipedia.

Can a landlord sue for damages and back rent after you filed for chapter 7 bankrupcty?

There is nothing procedurally that prohibits the filing of a suit against someone who has delared bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee will put that landlord on a waiting list with other creditors. Of course, the practical upshot is that the bankruptcy court may find that the debtor is unable to pay any debt - then, the LL is wasting time.

How can you find out if someone is filing Bankruptcy?

Look up the name through the court PACER system.

What should you do before filing bankruptcy?

Before filing Bankruptcy, one must consider all the other ways to repay their debts. Bankruptcy filing is not an easy task, as it involves a series of legal procedures. If a person is about to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, then they must be prepared to liquidate their non-exempt properties. The bankrupt persons must analyze their financial position and make a list of all available assets and properties in order to find and dissolve the non-exempted assets. Nowadays filing bankruptcy has become easier by hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, one can find the available lawyers through some websites like,

Where can one find information on Declaring yourself bankrupt?

One can find information regarding a personal declaration of bankruptcy on the Debt Advisory Centre website or the IRS site. One must start by filing for bankruptcy with a bankruptcy petition.

In case of bankruptcy dismmissal is the debtor obligated to pay the creditors?

If the case was dismissed (not discharged) then you are still responsible for everything. Dismissed = you owe everything the same as before filing Discharged = bankruptcy completed and you owe nothing more. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

Can your ex-husband prevent you from filing for bankruptcy?

No he can't. Go find yourself a good attorney.

How do you find if you are listed as a creditor in chapter 7 filling?

You will receive, directly from the bankruptcy court, a notice of filing and information on filing your claim with the court. If you believe a person has filed bankruptcy, and you know the person' s address, you can check with the clerk of the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy court one files in is determined by the county within which the debtor resides.

Where in Toronto Ontario can one find bankruptcy assistance?

Assistance with personal bankruptcy in the Toronto, Ontario region can often be found through financial advisors. They can often recommend a good bankruptcy trustee to assist in the process of filing for bankruptcy.

How do you find out a filing date for a bankruptcy case?

One can call the Bankruptcy Clerk for the Division in which a bankruptcy case is filed to get case information such as filing date. The filing date of a case is also normally listed on the Notice of Bankruptcy also. Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course of action or inaction to any person.

Where can I find instructions on how to claim bankruptcy?

You can get a brief overview on bankruptcy at There are many different options when filing. You can find the forms here