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How do you find creditors' addresses for filing bankruptcy?


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April 05, 2009 9:38PM

Check your Credit Report. It has the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each of the creditors used over the past 7 years. Call or go on-line to contact all three Credit Reporting Agencies. The Bankruptcy Code as amended in 2005 requires you to use the creditor's address that is on the last three written notices that creditor has sent you. If you have not received anything in writing from them in a while, then go online and search for the corporate address and telephone number. Call them and ask them what their company's bankruptcy address is. Write down the steps you took to obtain the proper address in case you need the information later. Use all addresses you have for that creditor in your bankruptcy schedules and mailing matrix - overkill is better. Failure to properly notify the creditor may result in that debt not being discharged so treat this as one of the most important aspects of filing.