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In Ontario Canada, you can go to any Vehicle licencing office and get a search done. You need the VIN. You just ask for a "sellers package". Cost is $20.00.

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Q: How do you find current owner of a car you used to own?
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Can you go to the DMV and find current owner of a car if you know the VIN?

No, I used to work for a DMV and they can not give out private info.

How do you find an old car you used to own if you have the VIN?

If the car is still in state and the owner has not opted out the state can run the VIN and tell the current owner. In Kansas it's the Dept. of Revenue that does it, it may be another branch in other states.

How do I find the current owner of a classic car I used to own?

The DMV in the state you sold it, would be a good place to start. They can give some help, sometimes. Chuck.....


WHO WAS PREVIOUS OWNER OF CAR? NAME ON TITLE OF CAR PREVIOUS OWNER OF CAR? looking to find out previous owner how many previous owner

What do you do if you buy a car and find that the seller was not the current owner?

Sounds to me like you possibly have a stolen car. Anytime you purchase a used car make sure the title and registration belong to the seller and ask for ID. Better yet, before you buy the car, take the title number and call the DMV to find out who the correct owner is and if the title is clean. Hopefully, you can track the seller down. Good luck!

Can you find out who used to own your car?

Car Fax will tell you where the car was last registered and it will tell you witch dealers have had your car in their inventory and where they got it from. Car Fax will not give you the names of private individuals who have owned your car and with out the previous plates it would be difficult to find out who had owner ship of it. You could see if the title history is kept from owner to owner through the dmv.

What are websites to find used cars by owner?

Some websites that will help you find used cars for sale by owner are: Auto Trader, Cars for Sale, A Used Car, Cars Direct, Auto Shopper and Automobile Mag.

What do you do if you want to find your first car. If you still have the VIN number.?

You can start by searching carfax to see if the car has not been scrapped. Then, you might be able to check public records to find out who the current owner is.

How do you find out if the owner still owe a finance company on the car you are buying?

how do you find out if the owner still owe a finance company on the car you are buying?

Where can I find online information on used car warranty?

You can find used car warranty and other stuff at they have alot of usefully information on alot of used cars. Like if the car you want as been in any car accidents or anything that has been bought from the previous owner.

Is it better to buy a used car by owner, or from a used car dealership?

If you are mainly looking to get the best price that you can for a vehicle, you are normally better off buying a used car from a private owner, as they are usually more motivated to sell. If you are looking for a vehicle with a warranty, you will be able to find used cars at a dealership that carry a warranty.

How do you find the owner and address of a car if you just have the make and model of the car?

You cant.

How do I find out if another car is Insured that i have been in an accident with?

Ask the owner of the car?

How can you find out if a car you have borrowed is insured?

Ask the owner!

How do you find the car owner name detail?

how can you its impossible

Can you find the owner of a car plate in Korea?


Where can I find a car for sale by owner?

You can find a car sale by owner by either posting an ad on craigslist writing that you are interested in purchasing a car or you can go to dealerships and ask for a list of owners who are willing to sell their cars.

Can the owner report the car as stolen when the co signer has it?

You can report it stolen but they wont do anything once they find out a co owner has the car. They cant steal a car they own.

How do you find the owner of a car with only a partial reg and colour of the car?

The VIN # plus 'Car Fax'.

What should you look for when you buy a used car from an owner?

Any time you buy a used car the owner isn't going to be completely truthful. Your best thing to do when buying a used car is to ask for the VIN so you can do a carfax.

How do you find car owner?

bychecking their plates trough the computer

If you have an stalker how can you find out who the vehicle owner is?

by looking at the car license

How do you find the owner of a car by a licence number in Canada?

You don't.

Should I buy a used car or a new one?

A good used car with the balance of a factory warranty. The biggest depreciation "hit" has already been taken by the first owner. A current model year demo or program car would probably be one of the best deals

Does a person who buys a new or used car become the cars rightful owner?

No, the owner is the person who's name appears on the title. If you buy the car and then it is titled in someone else's name they are the legal owner of the car.