How do you find details about a Houston 1979 murder where a boy was stabbed to death in a Scarborough gym by a pair of brothers students?

Aaron Harless was the victim, and the Goyes brothers the murderers.

Aaron Harless was attending Wainwright Elementary School at the time. He was my classmate. I think we were in the 4th grade. Aaron, Kenny Reeves who was my best friend for many years, and the Goyes brothers had entered the gymnasium at Scarborough High School on Antoine through the roof fire exit to play basketball after hours. The Goyes brothers were 4 or 5 years older than Aaron and Kenny. My older brother went to school with the Goyes brothers and according to him they were friendly. One of the Goyes brothers was partly crippled. He got around OK but it wasn't too pretty. Aaron had been picking on the boy as they played basketball. Eventually Kenny went home leaving Aaron and the Goyes brothers. According to accounts the Goyes brothers eventually decided to teach Aaron a lesson and rough him up. Aaron pulled a knife to fight back and they took it away from him and stabbed him repeatedly but he didn't die until later. They rolled him up in a mat and placed him under the bleachers. When he was later found dead they found that he had partially bit through some of his fingers while he layed there dying. The Goyes brothers were tried as adults and convicted. They went to prison. That is about all I wish to share about this sad event.