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When ever I find diamond it's usually around redstone so when you find redstone just dig around it

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Justyn Kuhic

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โˆ™ 2021-12-10 10:12:45
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Q: How do you find diamonds in minecraft pocket edition?
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How many blocks in minecraft pocket edition do you have to dig up to find diamonds?

you have to dig 13 blocks

How do you find a mineshaft in minecraft pocket edition?

you can't there are not made for pocket edition

How do you find a volcano in minecraft pocket edition?

No you cannot

What is the best way to find dimonds in minecraft pocket edition?

By mining to bedrock and mine out a area and keep looking and you shall soon find ze diamonds!

Can you find abandoned mine shafts on minecraft pocket edition?


How do you find flint in minecraft pocket edition?

Flint cannot be found in Minecraft PE.

Were can you find iron in minecraft pocket edition?

Same place as the computers vanilla Minecraft.

Where to find wolf in Minecraft pocket edition?

There are no wolves in minecraft pe yet.

How do you find lava in minecraft pocket edition?

type in "nyan" as your seed

How do you find yellow powder in minecraft pocket edition?

The Nether Core

How do you find obsidian in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

make the nether reacter

Can you find skeletons in minecraft pocket edition?

They are not in the present edition, but they may be in the future update 4.0

How do you get iorn on Minecraft pocket edition?

The same way you get iron on Minecraft PC/Desktop Edition and Xbox Edition. Just try to find a cave.

How do make or find white wool in minecraft pocket edition?

it has not been added

How do you find carrots in minecraft pocket edition?

They are a rare drop as well as potatoes

What are diamond seeds for minecraft pocket edition?

Horrid Seed if find the lavafall you can dig under it and there will be Diamonds close yo the bedrock, or you can dig 51-53 blocks down and dig around you should find some diamonds.

How do you get diamonds in mine craft pocket edition?

find it and mine it with iron pickaxe or better

How do you find a creeper in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Creepers have not yet been implemented in Minecraft Pocket Edition (as of 0.3.3) however in the planned changes list it is mentioned that they may possibly be implemented in 0.4.0

Where do you find gravel in minecraft pocket edition?

You can find it underground while mining and also sometimes on the surface.

Where do you find blue flowers in Minecraft?

Blue flowers can only be found when playing with mods or playing Minecraft: Pocket edition.

How do you find string in minecraft pocket edition?

you cant unless it was updated it that case kill a spider

What do you do with wool on minecraft pocket edition?

you can make beds and colored wool if you find other things

How do you get iron in minecraft pocket edition?

Mine down and adventualy you'd find iron ore

Where to find iron in minecraft pocket edition?

you have to mine for it and iron is preety easy to find so you just mine for it

Can a tablet go on Minecraft?

Yes, go to your device's market or appstore and search 'Minecraft'. You should find Minecraft Pocket Edition for around 6 bucks.