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By reading books about World War II. Two good ones are "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" and "The Collapse of the Third Republic" both by William L. Shirer. Michael Montagne

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Q: How do you find information about the Blitzkrieg?
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How tall is Blitzkrieg?

Blitzkrieg is 5' 10".

What was the German blitzkrieg?

blitzkrieg means lightning war

The term for Hitler's lightning war?


What nicknames does Blitzkrieg go by?

Blitzkrieg goes by KO.

What are facts about blitzkrieg?

blitzkrieg=lightning war the facts are the facts

When did Bazooka Blitzkrieg happen?

Bazooka Blitzkrieg happened in 1992.

What military tactic did Germany use to overrun Poland?

Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg

What is the duration of Hillbilly Blitzkrieg?

The duration of Hillbilly Blitzkrieg is 1.05 hours.

What is the duration of The Last Blitzkrieg?

The duration of The Last Blitzkrieg is 1.4 hours.

What is the duration of Bowery Blitzkrieg?

The duration of Bowery Blitzkrieg is 1.03 hours.

In what order did blitzkrieg attacks usualy occur?

The order of blitzkrieg attacks occurred is bombs, machine guns, and tanks. The word blitzkrieg means lightning war. The goal of a blitzkrieg attack was to unbalance the enemy.

What does Blitzkrieg mean in English?

Blitzkrieg means lightning war in English. It is called Blitzkrieg because it was a fast and extremely effective method of warfare.

On what did the German military strategy of blitzkrieg depend?

Blitzkrieg depended on the strength of the power.

When was Blitzkrieg - band - created?

Blitzkrieg - band - was created in 1980.

Blitzkrieg in a sentence?

Germany used Blitzkrieg tactics on Poland during the Lightning War.

What does German word blitzkrieg mean?

The German word blitzkrieg means "lightning war."

What was the us response to Blitzkrieg?

Nothing. The U.S entered the war after Pearl Harbour, not the Blitzkrieg.

When did Blitzkrieg happen?

Blitzkrieg military tactic has been used for a long time. The "Bitz" against England started in early 1940. I have attached some important information for you to better understand this military tactic and its history. It is still used today in warfare.

When did the Germans first use the 'blitzkrieg' in an attack?

Against Poland, in September 1939.

Where was the blitzkrieg used?

the blitzkrieg was used very successfully across the whole of Europe and parts of Asia

What is a sentence with the word blitzkrieg?

German used blitzkrieg tactics on Poland during the lightning war.

When did Blitzkrieg - video game - happen?

Blitzkrieg - video game - happened in 2003.

What exactly was the blitzkrieg with Norway and Finland?

Blitzkrieg was a war tactic used by Hitler to strike and occupy areas quickly. Norway was occupied by Germany but Finland was not. Thus there was no blitzkrieg with Finland.

What was Germany's main method of attack in the world wars?

The Blitzkrieg method. Blitzkrieg means lightning war. So Blitzkrieg is really just rapid advancement through the battlefield.

The German blitzkrieg was a military strategy that depended on what advantage?

In German, Blitzkrieg means lightning war (Blitz-Krieg). Blitzkrieg was named so because it included surprise attacks etc