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Diamond Arms Company and Nitro King are both trade names used by the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri. Some of the guns were imported from various Belgian sources, but they were also made by W.H. Davenport Firearms Co (1890's - ), Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works (early 1900's - ), J. Stevens Arms (before 1942), and Savage Arms.

If there is an oval with ELG* stamped on the barrel or action, it is from Belgium. If it is a 410 that's unlikely, and that would also eliminate Davenport as the maker.

If it says Armory Steel that suggests that it MIGHT be an Iver Johnson Champion.

Most of the Belgian imports stopped coming over when WWI started.

Add Crescent Firearms (1893-1930) to the list of manufacturers. If marked model 94, it's a Stevens up to 1948. 944 will be the same gun from Savage after 1948.

I have a King Nitro, but it is a 22 pump with an octagon barrel, made by the Central arms company. I have never researched it but have always been curious about it. I would be interested in further information if available.



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Q: How do you find information on Diamond Arms Shapleigh King Nitro shotguns?
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What information is availabe about a 12 gauge King Nitro number 3411?

KING NITRO Tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company and J. Stevens Arms Company

How do you find info on a Shapleigh King Nitro 410 shotgun with Diamond Arms on one side?

Follow the link to the related question.

Where can you find information about a King Nitro shotgun by Central Arms Co?

Both 'King Nitro' and 'Central Arms Co' are trademarks of the Shapleigh Hardware Co, which was a major catalog retailer from the late 1800's well into the 20th century. The shotguns marketed under that name were made for Shapleigh by different companies, notably Davenport Firearms, Crescent, Hopkins & Allen, and Stevens. We'd have to see the shotgun to determine which manufacturer actually made the shotgun.

How old is a Shapleigh King Nitro shotgun?

You have already identified it as a Shapleigh's King Nitro. Shapleigh Hardware was in St Louis Missouri from the mid 19th century until the middle of the 20th. Their King Nitro guns were manufactured by W.H. Davenport and later by Stevens/Savage.

Shapleigh king nitro 22 cal rifle?

no answer but i have a king nitro 22. long rifle used in WWI/WWII has no information it took quite a hit in the chamber though it was handed down to me from my great grandfather.

What is a fair price for a Shapleigh King Nitro 16 gauge double barrel?

There were many thousands of the Shapleigh King Nitro 16 Gauge with a double barrel. For the most part, they are worth about $50 to $100 depending on mechanical and finish condition.

What year did the Shapleigh king nitro 20 gag double barrel come out?

They were made for the Shapleigh hardware store chain roughly 1920-s-early 1940s.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge with King Nitro on one side and serial 28737?

King Nitro was a trade name used by Shapleigh Hardware of St Louise on guns made by Crescent Firearms and J. Stevens Arms.

How can you find the age value or any information about a King Nitro 19 inch side by side double barrel shotgun is if it has no other numbers or words on it?

I believe that King Nitro was a model name of Shapleigh Arms Co, St. Louis, MO.

Where can you find information about a 410 Diamond Arms Co Shapleigh King Nitro shotgun?

Diamond Arms Company and Nitro King are both trade name used by the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri. Some of the guns were imported from various Belgian sources, but they were also made by W.H.Davenport Firearms Co (1890's - ), Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works (early 1900's - ), J. Stevens Arms (before 1942), and Savage Arms. If there is an oval with ELG* stamped on the barrel or action, it is from Belgium, but being a 410 makes that unlikely. That also eliminates Davenport as the maker.

Who makes King Nitro shotguns?

Nitro King was a Sears Roebuck brand name made by Crescent Arms, 1908-1917.

Where can you find information on a side x side 16 Ga shotgun with only one stamping on the side plate that says King Nitro?

King Nitro was a trade name used by the W.H. Davenport Firearms Company, of Norwich, Conn., on shotguns made for the Shapleigh Hardware Store of St. Louis, MO. They were made roughly between 1890 and 1915. It should be a single barrel side hammer gun with 26"-36" barrels and extractors. Barrels were blued, with a case hardened receiver and walnut stock.

What are facts about Shapleigh's King Nitro 12 gauge shotguns?

Diamond Arms Company: Trade name used by the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri on imported shotguns they retailed. WWI pretty much ended these imports and later guns may have been made by any of several US companies. A single shot is possibly an Iver Johnson Champion, a double barrel likely to be by Crescent or Stevens. There is little collector interest in these old utility guns and shooters would rather have newer firearms, so they are not highly valued. Singles sell for $50-$75, doubles for $125-$150.

Is King Nitro the store name for a Stevens or Savage model of double-barrel shotgun?

As I saw in other faq`s answered about King Nitro shotguns, they were made by Sears,Roebuck co. We need to find those other answers and correct them. Sears Roebuck never made any guns unless you count those manufactured by their subsidiary company, Meriden Arms from 1905 to 1915. Nitro King was a Sears brand but King Nitro was a trade name distributed by Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis. The guns were made by W.H. Davenport, Iver Johnson, J. Stevens (model 315 double barrel), and unidentified Belgian manufacturers.

What are facts about Nitro Leader 12 gauge shotguns?

Not sure if this is your gun, but Leader Gun Company was a trade name used on shotguns retailed by the Charles Williams Stores, Inc. of New York. Most likely manufacturer would be Crescent Arms, Norwich, CT. "Nitro" would imply proofed for smokeless powder.

Who was the manufacturer of a double barrel shotgun with a windmill and the word nitro etched into barrel?

I HAD AN OLD GUN SIMILAR TO THE ONE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AND IT WAS MANUFACTURED BY A COMPANY CALLED SHAPLEIGH IF MY MEMOERY SERVES ME CORRECT Is it a windmill or possibly the Perone, an oblisk similar to the Washington Monument? That would be a Belgian proofmark. Shapleigh was a hardware wholesale/retail business that had its tradename guns manufactured by several manufacturers. "Nitro" would indicate the gun could safely fire the smokeless or white powder which was developed around 1900.

Who made a 12 gauge shotgun under the tradname American Nitro?

American Nitro: Trade name used by H. & D. Folsom Arms Co. on shotguns. Available at Hope This Helps.

Information about the 500 Nitro Express and other popular Nitro Express calibers?

The link below will take you to a short Wikipedia article on the Nitro Express catridges. Scroll down in the article- the cartridges in BLUE have more information- click on the cartridge name.

What is the history and value of Nitro Hunter shotguns?

Nitro Hunter: Trade name manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, CT, and retailed by Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky. "Nitro" implies that it was intended for smokeless powder. Not much collector interest in hardware store guns, but if it is checked out by a qualified gunsmith, it may be worth $200+ as a shooter.

Where can you get information about a 16 gauge Lefever Nitro Special serial 350270?

Ithaca Gun Co. manufactured your Lefever Nitro Special in 1940.

Where can I find pictures and informaton about the dodge nitro on line?

you can view more information at, you may also run a google image search for the dodge nitro to view various pics that might be available online

How old is Lefever Nitro Special 16 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 280306?

The shotguns were manufactured by Ithaca from 1921 through 1947. Yours was manufactured in 1928.

Do nitro rc trucks run well on dirt roads?

There are on road and off road models of nitro RC trucks. Choose an off road model for dirt roads. More information is available at

Where can you find information and the value of a Pre-World War 1 German Mauser converted to 16 gauge shotgun circa 1920 and stamped Nitro?

The converted shotguns go for about $200 on the internet. Most of them are unsafe to shoot with today's higher powered ammo. You can find them for sale at either or

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