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The state of Missouri is part of the Midwestern United States. With a population of 5.98 million as of 2010, it is the fifth most populous state in the Midwest and the 18th most populous in the country.

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How much is a stamp in Missouri to send a letter?

A standard size envelope weighing one ounce or less is delivered in three to five days for 44 cents to any place in the US. ...
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Where can felons live for low income?

St. Joseph, MO Fellowship House-Halfway house. 2415 Francis St Saint Joseph, MO 64501 (816) 279-6767 Catholic Charities Housing 902 Edmond St Saint Joseph, MO 64501 (816) 232-2885 ...
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What is the capital of Missouri?

The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City. Jefferson City became the capital in 1821 and is named after President Thomas Jefferson. ...
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What is Missouri's land area?

2000 square miles
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Does St. Louis City Police have a SWAT team?

Yes. Unit name: Mobile Reserve/SWAT Team. Not publicized as the St Louis County Tactical Team or the St Louis FBI Team, this unit is one of the best in the region if not the country. This 23 member team is on call 24/7 and also executes all high risk search warrants in the City. The team recently sent members to participate in the US National SWAT Competition and competed against the nations and the worlds best tactical teams such as Canada's Bruce Power...
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What is the punishment for running away in Missouri?

Punishment for runaway behavior, if applicable, varies from state to state, and many variables are considered, including the reason the child ran away (most of the time it's because of abuse, and the state may be reluctant to return the child to his home if that's the case), the child's age, with whom, and whether the child wants to return home. The sanction ranges from placement in foster care to juvenile detention, depending on whether the child is dependent (needs foster care...
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What is first Degree Burglary in Missouri?

569.160. 1. A person commits the crime of burglary in the first degree if he knowingly enters unlawfully or knowingly remains unlawfully in a building or inhabitable structure for the purpose of committing a crime therein, and when in effecting entry or while in the building or inhabitable structure or in immediate flight therefrom, he or another participant in the crime: (1) Is armed with explosives or a deadly weapon or; (2) Causes or threatens immediate physical injury to any person who is...
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If you sue and get a judgment in your favor what are the methods available for collecting the judgment?

All states have laws governing the collection of judgments. Those laws have to be followed "to the letter." Wage garnishment, bank account levy, and in some cases property liens can be used to collect money owed. However, many states have laws prohibiting the levy of a bank account if it is a joint account, etc. Also many states do not allow a lien to be placed on real property if the judgment was won in small claims court. The DMV will...
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What problem did the Missouri compromise attempt to resolve?

missori became slave state, and manie became free state and gave a solution to slavery ...
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Are same-sex civil unions legal in Missouri?

No. Civil Unions of any kind are not legally recognized under Missouri state law. ...
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Christmas solicitation letter?

Dear Grandpa and Grandma RE: Christmas Greetings It is my wish and hope that both of you are in the pink of health. Mom and Dad send their love. So do Cheryl and Lydia. As the oldest sibling, I have the privilege to write this Christmas greetings letter to you. Mom and Dad wish to apologize that we are unable to come down to your farm to celebrate this Christmas as Dad is not fit to travel as yet, as advised by the...
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Do officers of a corporation need to be covered by Workmen's comp in the state of Missouri?

They should be, but you may be able to exclude them, if they are shareholders. For more information see CA Labor Code 3351 Blue Cross Employer Application Question # 12 Corporate Officers and Key Executives are generally specifically excluded on Workers' Compensation policies in California. Exercise care when excluding anyone, yet note that many officers and executives or other highly paid individuals may wish to be excluded because they're comfortable with the health plan, the lost wages benefits payable under Comp may be extremely...
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How many registered voters in Missouri?

As of October 20, 2010 4,137,545
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How do you file FLorida Bar Association Complaint? The Client Assistance program is called the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP). ACAP is the department that handles client complaints and even can resolve some problems before a complaint is filed. Call the ACAP Hotline - 866/352-0707. ...
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Where can you buy Tastykakes in St. Louis Missouri?

no where! St Louis has so little variety compared to the east coast
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Which state would probably have the warmest temperatures year round Missouri or Mississippi why?

Mississippi is warmer because of gulf winds bringing warm moist air north, and because the state is further south than Missouri. ...
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How old do i have to be to rent an apartment?

You have to be 18. Some landlords might accept you at an earlier age with a parent as a co-signer on the rental agreement. ...
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What are the repossession laws in Missouri?

The MO Uniform Commercial Code, the statute that governs secured transactions generally, was substantially amended in 2001. This is a verbatim partial summary of the bill that amended that statute: UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE - This act substantially revises Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code regulating secured transactions. The scope of Article 9 is expanded to include additional types of property in which a security interest can be taken by a creditor and additional kinds of collateral, including sales of payment intangibles and promissory...
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The Missouri Compromise did what?

Drew a line in the sand - everywhere North of that parallel (Missouri's Southern border) to be free soil. It kept the peace for thirty years, until the admission of California as one big state could not meet the terms of the Compromise. ...
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What is the racial makeup of St. Louis city?

The demographics of St. Louis city as of the 2000 census: Total population: 348,189 51.2% African American 48.85% White 2.02% Hispanic/Latino 1.98% Asian 0.27% Native American 0.03% Pacific Islander 0.8% Other 1.88% are two or more ethnicities ...
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Why did Wendy's close its restaurants in St. Louis Missouri?

The franchisee that owned them went backrupt. ...
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How old do you have to be to be a governor in Missouri?

at least 25 years old and you cant be no older than 72