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How do you find information on the Ming and Qing dynasty?

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Double click on Ming or Quing in the question above and you shall find out all about them.

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Where can one find more information about song dynasty?

One can find more information about Song dynasty when one does their research on Wikipedia. Song dynasty was a Chinese dynasty from 960 to 1279. It was a dynasty famous for its art work, like painting and calligraphy.

Where could one find information about the Han Dynasty?

There are a lot of places in order for one to find out information about the Han Dynasty. However, it is strongly suggested that one should check out from the website Wikipedia to have general information.

Who is the architect for the Forbidden City?

Built during the Ming Dynasty (between 1406 and 1420) also known as the Forbidden Palace the architect is either unknown or very very hard to find.

Where can you go to find information about the Han Dynasty?

There are books on the Han dynasty in libraries. You might want to read Mark Lewis' book called, The Early Chinese Empires: Qin and Han.

This son of peasants founded the Ming Dynasty?

The closest answer I could find in my World History book was -- A peasant's son, Hongwu, commanded the rebel army that drove the Mongols out of China in 1368. That year, he became the first Ming emperor. That's the answer I'm putting on my worksheet.....good luck with yours :P

What religion was the S hang dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty was primarily a secular dynasty, with no 'official' state religion.(no they have a religon but when ever i come to get info i find like 6)

What is the strongest dynasty of China?

that's for me to know and you to find out

What was bought and sold in Zhou Dynasty?

find the question

Is there any history on Cleopatra Thea of the Seleucid Empire?

There should be, as she played a role in the Ptolemaic dynasty. To find clues as to where to find information on her, you can google around for info and inquire at your local library for help in researching Cleopatra Thea.

What is the name of the founder of the yuan dynasty?

Genghis Khan created the empire but he did not officially find the Yuan Dynasty. It was his grandson Kublai Khan who after he overthrow the Southern Song Dynasty officially procliam found the Yuan Dynasty which lasted for 98 years.

What Chinese dynasty established a system of civil service exams to find the most qualified officials to run the government?

The Sui Dynasty.

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What items were found in the Shang Dynasty?

find out 4 yo self

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What are some governments in ancient China called?

There has been a min dynasty and a Han dynasty. if you really want more try again and I will give all that i find

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Did the Shang Dynasty create China's first writing system?

yes the shang dynasty did find the first writng system and they also found the first cities too!

Which Chinese dynasty existed between 2697-2595 BC?

The Huang dynasty was the dynasty between 2697 and 2595 BC. The most famous emperor was Huang Di. This was before writing existed so records are difficult to find.

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