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ask him; usually will anger them if you are wrong but it is better than asking someone you dont know from a website you usually dont use

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Q: How do you find out if a boy you like is gay?
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A boy that like another boy?

when a boy likes another boy it is called being gay Most men find the term gay offensive. When a boy likes another boy they are homosexual. This affection is completely normal, just a sexual preference.

Is it gay for a boy to like lesbians?

No, it is only gay for a boy to be sexually attracted to other boys.

What to do if you are gay and like a straight boy?

If you're gay and the boy you like is straight, that may be an issue as you cannot change his sexuality. One day a guy who is gay will come along that you like, and he will like you, wait for it.

Is Miley Cyrus is a boy?

No, BUT BUT BUT... Miley Cyrus is GAY GAY GAY GAY she kissed on girl's lip before, and she like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she act boy before anyway, but here your answer!!!!!!!!!!!

Gay boy likes a straight boy?

If you are a Gay boy likeing a Straight boy most likely he wont like you. He probaly will make fun of you. Sorry.

If you are a shy gay boy and you like your friend too much what do you say to your friend?

for one you should see how he feels about you if he does not like you that way find someone else or try to turn him gay

Can hippos be gay?

They like boy on boy action. DICK IN DICK

How do you get a boy to like you if your gay?

just be your self..:)

How does an underaged gay boy get a boyfriend?

Find a gay "boy", an alley way, and 5 minutes. Then all you gotta do is let the train in.

If you get really turned on by girls but dont dress like a boy is there still a possibility im gay?

If you are a young man or boy, it is not likely that you are gay if you still find girls attractive. I am assuming you like to dress like a girl. You are a transvestite. I think you know this word. So in short, no. Transvestites are not gay because they like to dress up. Only having and liking sex with a man is a gay indicator.

Are boy gay if they like purple?

yes. very very very gay

Where to get easy gay sex?

Just find a boy/girl who you like and make them like you and if you guys get close enough she'll fall in love with you.

Is it possible to have the same behaviour of a 'gay boy' but be female and attracted to girls?

You mean acting like a "gay boy" and be a Lesbian? Sure. There is no typical "gay boy" or Lesbian manner.

How do you find out if a boy is gay?

Either ask him or wait for him to tell you.

How can you tell if you're gay or no?

if you are attracted to anouther boy you are gay. If you feel like you want to kiss them than you are gay

Howcome I find boys attractive and i am a boy?

It means that you are gay and you like a boy more then a friend so yea but you should look at girls not guys and your a boy not a girl so get a life and a girl

Are you gay if you like the way a that penises taste and feel and you are a boy but you only like girls?

that just means that you are a bi. there is nothing wrong with that. you just have to find a girl that will like you for you.

Is Kionas boy friend Jean gay?

Not that I have been able to find.

Why does your sister like boy stuff?

She must be gay or just really like you.

How do you hook up with a gay boy if im a boy?

you can flirt and let that boy know you like him. just be yourself..

If a boy have a relationship with gay is the boy gay also?

When a boy has a relation ship with an other boy this doesn't mean he is gay.Even when the other boy is gay.You are gay when you FEEL something for an other boy, when you're ATTRACTED to that boy.This is when you know you are gay.You also don't need to be gay to have sex with someone from the same sex. But when you feel sexually attracted to the same sex you're definitely gay.

What do i do if i like my best friend but hes in love with someone else?

Depends if u are a girl or boy. Girl Probably get in a fight with the girl (THAT IS WHAT GIRL NORMALLY DO) Boy You are gay so he wouldn't be so find some other gay guy in the world

Why do boys like being gay?

Being gay can also be acquired especially if a boy enjoys s*xual relationship with gays. Later he will get use to it and will be curious to try it with other straight boy. And if that straight boy enjoys, the cycle continues. Later on more boys are doing that boy-to-boy sex play.

Is it weird for boys to like Bruno mars music and they're not gay?

No, it is not weird for a boy to like Bruno mars music if they are not gay. A lot of boys that are not gay like Bruno Mars.

I like being a sissy boy dose that make me gay?

No, you are only gay if you are attracted to other guys.