How do you find out if a deceased person has a life insurance policy?

Unfortunately, there's no clearinghouse of information on life insurance policies. Suggestions: * Go through canceled checks or copies of old checks where the deceased banked at and you might find the company on checks they wrote to make payments. The name would be listed on the checks. * Check old credit card statements, for payments made to an insurance comapany . * Check probate court records of your relative's estate for details. A life insurance policy could show up as an asset. * Contact any past employers for policies of group life insurance. * Contact family members (i.e., brothers, sisters, or children)who might have information about your relative's finances. They might know if any was bought insurance and from where. Ask any lawyer, banker, or accountant, the relative may have had. * The relative's auto or home insurance agents may have sold them a life insurance policy or might know from where one may have been purchased from. The agent can contact the home office to determine if a policy may be on file for that client. There may be legal requirements before any information can be released, but if you know the policy is there make the request. * If life insurance may have been bought recently, there might be a trail of the companies to which they applied. The Medical Information Bureau maintains a database that shows if insurers requested medical information on your relative within the past seven years. Record searches can be requested from the Disclosure Office of the MIB If no beneficiary comes forward to collect the death benefit, and the insurance company does not locate a beneficiary, the insurer will send the death benefit to the state within a certain period of time (usually three years, although it varies depending on state). Even after the state receives death benefit, the funds can still be collected by a beneficiary. You can check their personal files and checkbook to see if they issued any checks each month for life insurance. Check their checking account statement for checks issued to a life insurance company. Search their belongings for a card from their life insurance agent to contact. Ask any persons who may be a beneficiary of the policy - spouse or children / relatives and see if they have any knowledge of a life insurance policy owned by the deceased person. I have realized, as a life agent myself, that many people lost track or just did not know that they are the beneficiary to any policies. I have been asked numerous times "how should I keep my beneficiary informed that when I die, that they are the beneficiary." We will constantly remind them with a yearly notice that they have an inheritance coming to them. I encourage people to view our website, and join the many members that feel we are a benefit to them and their family. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at