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try and talk to her friends and get the scoop!.. her friends will always know who she likes

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just ask her if she likes you

ask her out, maybe she likes you and YOU dont know about it?

If u like a girl who already has a boyfriend but you dont know if she likes you or know,the first thing you have to do is that you will have to make friendship with that girl and if she is already your friend,then increase your friendship and one day confidently ask her that what does she feel about you..

go to 'ask' and type in 'how do you know if a girl likes you' you should find all you need there

they way you can tell if a girl likes you on myspace? DONT it could cause you trouble in the long run if you dont know them. PLUS if you do know them then just go and ask her face to face.

You don't. You have to talk to someone to really know their opinions.

just be relaxed and enjoy the opportunity... I dont know how to do this lol, it terrifies me when a girl likes me.

what you do is think about it and if you do find what most you like about her and if you do a lot of things like her ASK HER OUT !!!!!!!!!!! Try to find out if you really like her, and if you do, tell her that. If you dont 100% know if she likes you, ask her. If she does, try to be her friend, than after a while, ask her out.

If you look at her body language it will tell you if you dont know how just ask her out.

The best way is to ask her out and see what happens

Because she is shy and she likes you but you dont know it

well...maybe you should ask one of her friends to ask her if she likes you...

I'm a girl if she doesnt have a boyfriend, your not nerdy, or if you KNOW she likes you ask her out but if your a geek dont ask she will get embarressed. Also ask her when you two are by your self or the answer will be no!!

I dont think so but if you find out let me know!

He might just be being friendly... or more. Flirt with him. Not to much though because you dont know if he likes you and find out!

Why don't you find out if he likes you before you start trying to get over him... if you don't know, maybe he likes you and you can have him! (hint: ask him out!)

ask him but make it studle because if he doesnt you dont want him to know that she likes him

you have to come out to her, Im not sure if you know this girl is also a lesbian or if you have no idea. In the event you dont know if she is lesbian or not you have to come out to her.

My advice:Find out!say "Hi"to her see how she reactsIf she smiles and says hi back,then she probly likes you

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