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How do you find out if a shy girl likes you?

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if she likes being around people and make a scene to get your attention trust me cause it's happen to me


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How does a shy guy find out if a girl he likes likes him?

Have someone else do it for you.

What are the signs a shy girl likes you only for your good looks?

you have to give her a chance and find out what she feels about you!!if she is shy and she likes you i suppose she doesn't like you for your looks only.

How can a shy guy attract the girl he likes?

Say hi and be not shy

How do you tell if a shy girl likes you when you are shy to?

man up and ask her

What is a shy guy attitude towards the girl he likes?

well if a shy guy likes a girl he might not talk to her at all or he may talk to her a lot until he knows she likes him or not

Why is outgoing girl shy around you?

She likes you!

Why are boys shy of girls and like to look at us?

If a boy is shy of a girl and likes to look at her it means he likes her.

You like this Guy but he is shy and he likes another girl what do you do?

find someone else hes not worth your time

When a girl admits to a shy guy that she likes him and he kind of acts like he likes her back why doesnt he just say he likes her or not?

hes shy he has trouble opening up give it some time Guys are just scared of getting hurt like girls. and if he is shy... he is scared. find out if she likes you and then if she does ask her out

What type of girl becomes less friendly with you if she likes you?

a shy girl she is

Is Joe shy about telling a girl that he likes her?

Joe isn't shy about telling a girl he likes her. but he usually gives her hugs and nudges her and compliments her and smiles a lot to tell her he likes her write away.

What does it mean if the guy is being shy to the girl who just admitted that she likes him?

he likes her

How do you get a shy girl to admit she likes you or to tell if she likes you?

Ask her, straight up.

What if you like a girl and you don't know what she likes?

Ask her what she likes and try not to be shy.

Does the shy girl get the guy?

it depends on what that guy likes.

How you know if a girl likes you and your shy?

let her come to you

How do you find out if a girl likes you without actually asking her?

sort of hang around her a bit, if she likes you she will probably act shy and maybe go red and not say much ( if shes shy) or if shes not shy she would probably talk to you quite a bit ( though this might not mean that she likes you.)

If you are a preteen and you flirt with a girl a lot how can you tell if she likes you?

If you're not shy enough you could ask the girl if she likes you.

When a shy boy calls a girl his homie?

he means that he likes that girl alot

What are some newer songs about a guy that likes a girl but is shy?

Shy boy by Jordin sparks.

What to do when you're a shy guy who likes a shy girl?

Well the guy shuld try to talk to her

What does it mean when a girl blush?

it could mean that she is shy or that she likes you.

How do you get a girl that is to shy to tell you that she likes you?

be a man the end from Carly

Why does this shy girl mimic you once in a while?

She probably likes you.

How could you tell if a shy girl likes you?

if she smiles at you and laughs