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Contact the city or county land records office or visit that office and check the index under your name.

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Q: How do you find out if you have a tax lien on your house?
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how do i find out if i have a tax lien?

5640 N. Milldam Pl, 83714 how do i find out if i have a tax lien on tv How to I see if I have a tax lien against me “how do i find out if i have a tax lien?” Want to know if lien is on my home by owners name tax liens in ashley county How do I find out if I have a tax lien? offical tax lien list for howard county md. by howard county government how do i find out if I have a tax lien is there a tax lien on the property 1026 Bay Landing, Galt, California, 95632 how i find out if i hace a tx lien? where is a free list of tax liens and deeds

Can you sell your house with a federal tax lien on it?

Not without satisfying the lien or you can subordinate a tax lien in order to sell the house. Sometimes, the IRS will allow you to do this, if they believe it will help you to pay your tax liability.

Will there be a federal tax lien put on my house that's in foreclosure?

Yes, there will be a federal tax lien put on your house that is in forclosure. The bank or person that buys your house will have the option to pay that lien off.

How does a person with a tax lien on him buy a house?

A person doesn't have a lien; only property can have a lien.

How to find tax lien property?

There are programs and books with state-by-state guides on where to find tax lien properties and sales. Visit the link below for the website, Tax Sale/Lien Reviews, to learn about these helpful resources.

I have a tax lien on my credit report from having a guard card and I was wondering how can I have it remove?

You can call your local tax office to find out more information about your tax lien.

How does a person buy a house that has a tax lien against it?

just like any other house you just hve to pay the tax lien to who evers holding it against the house Really? I would only have to pay the tax lein, no other hidden fees?

what is this lien for?

what is this tax lien for

Can a house be taken back by the banck after a tax lien sale?

There are some excellent programs and books out there that will provide you with an answer to this question. (

where do I get a tax lien directory?

where do I get a national tax lien directory

How do you find who has a tax lien on you?

You pay a visit to your local land records office and ask for a copy of the lien.

What is a Lien on a house?

A lien is a debt guaranteed by the property. Usually this is a mortgage from a bank. It could be someone that did work on the house and was not paid. It could also be a tax assessment.

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