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How do you find out what year your b16a engine is?

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someone answer this

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Which cars were fitted with the Honda B16a engine?

A number of cars have been fitted with the Honda B16A engine including the Acura, CR-X and Civic. The first time the engine was used in a vehicle was in 1989 when it was introduced to the European market in the CR-X.

What is the valve clearance on Honda Civic si b16a?

b16a valve clearence

When should you change the spark plugs on a B16A engine?

i think every 32000 miles like my honda.

Is the B16A engine type R?

No it is not b16a is the civic si motor there is two type R motors B16b came it 96-2000 civic hatch (EK9) and the b18c5 Found it the Acura integra Type R

How do you find out what year kawasaki motorcycle engine you have by the engine numbers?

Kxo80ofe005158 engine number cant find a frame one can u tell me wat year

Can A B16a Crx Beat a GSR?


To find the year of your Chevy 350 engine?

To find out the year of your Chevy engine, locate the model number. The model number indicates the year the motor was made.

Why does the check engine light stay on after you did B16A swap in a 95 Honda HB Civic?

check the codes and see what comes up, that'd be where i start...

What is the biggest or best engine you can fit into a 97 Civic cx 5 speed?

In my opinion it would be the b16a out of the civic si or the k20 out of an rsx-s

What the difference between small vtec and big vtec?

If im not mistaken , this can seen on the engine cover of the car... Big VTEC is normally written bigger than DOHC on the cover meanwhile small VTEC is written smaller which is smaller than DOHC writings on the cover. Big VTEC is normally b16b engine and second generation b16a engine. In addition, other engine such as h22a which can be found in honda accord 1995 and also prelude is big VTEC. Small VTEC is first generation of b16a engine and others. The VTEC engages at the certain rpm and varies for different model of engines. For example b16a big VTEC's swithover is at 5600 rpm where the valves engages. Small VTEC is underpowered compared to big VTEC and is almost can't be felt when VTEC engages. Big VTEC is very powerful, the VTEC engagement has a turbo like feel and it has 160hp or more, depends on the car. As mentioned above, the b16a engine delivers 160hp and 150Nm of torque at around 7000rpm.

What type of transmission fluid does 5 speed manual B16A motor takes?

Honda Manual Transmission Fluid is recommended for a 5-speed manual B16A motor. Amsoil Manual Transmission Fluid will also work in a 5-speed manual B16A motor.

What is the oil capacity for the B16A Honda Vtec Engine for your 1990 Honda Civic?

most b-series engines from Honda only needs about + - 4 quarts.

What axles do you use on crx B16 engine swap with quaife differential?

92/93 GSR Axles. Its what i use in my 91 CRX with b16a with quaife diff.

What is the fastest engine for a honda del sol?

The fastest engine for a del sol is the GSR motor from the Integra GSR It is a B18c with 178 hp and 128 lb-ft torque. The best direct-fit engine is the B16A which came in the VTEC trimline standard. This is a 160hp engine

What year your air cooled Volkswagen Engine is the engine number is 8192836?

to find the year, you need to know the letters prior to the number

How do you find year of 18 hp mercury outboard engine?

You have to check with the serial number that is on the engine.

How do you find what year of your engine?

go to where you got it from and ask them .they should know

What parts do i need to swap a B16a into my 88' Honda CRX?

You will need The engine, trans, ecu, wiring harness, cv shafts, engine mounts, and shift linkage. most complete kits can be bought on Ebay for around $3,000 mailed to your door.

What bigger engine will fit in a 1990 Honda Civic CRX?

The crx came stocked with either a d15b6 or a d16a2. You could upgrade to a b16a from a jdm civic si-r or go bigger with a b18c from an Acura Integra, both will fit perfectly with a new motor mount kit (usually purchased separately). I dropped a b16a in my 89 civic hatch last year and just installed a greddy turbo and man does it go! Either one would be a good choice, give it a try and good luck.

How do you hook up vacuum lines on a 91 civic with a b16a swap?


How do you tell year of 4 hp mercury outboard?

In order to determine the year model of a Mercury outboard, one needs to know the engine serial number, and the horsepower rating. This information is compared to an engine model / year chart to find the year model of a paricular engine.but where do you find this?

Where can you find a spark plug wire diagram for a Chevy Cavalier?

What year and what engine?

How do you find out what year your gm 350 engine is?

Google the vin that's on the block

How do you find year model of Volkswagen engine if the number is AE643536?

try -

Where do you find the codes to reset check engine light?

What year, What car, What year. what make. We need this in order to answer this question.