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You can usually find wrestler information on and searching there specific name. You can look on if it is a professional wrestler. Or you can ask on

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Q: How do you find out where a wrestler went to college?
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Did EDGE the wrestler go to college?

Yes he did he went to Lakeshore collegiate Institute (high school) Then went to UNLV.

Do you need college to be a WWE wrestler?

No you do not need college to be a WWE Wrestler

Who is the winningest college wrestler of all time?

Cael Sanderson. he went undefeated in his collegiant career. Cael Sanderson. he went undefeated in his collegiant career.

If you tell a college you never went to college but you really did can they find out that you went to college?

Yes because it is on your education records unless you went for less than about 2 weeks

How many years of college do you need to become a WWE wrestler?

You don't need to go to college at all to be a WWE wrestler.

How many hours a day does the average college wrestler train in the offseason?

On average, the college wrestler will train about 2 hours per day in the off-season. During the wrestling season, the average college wrestler will double his training times!

Do you have to go to college to be a wrestler?


Find a picture of Louis Pasteur's college?

he went to the Royal college in besancon in 1842

Do you have to get a college degree to become a wrestler?

No, this field does not require a college degree.

What president was a boxer and wrestler in college?


Do you need a college education to be a pro wrestler?

no way!

Did the wrestler named the undertaker attend Angelina College?


Best college wrestler of all time?

cael sanderson

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Do you have to go to college to be a WWE wrestler?

No but it does help if you do, as most of the wrestlers are college graduates including the Undertaker and Kane

Has rihanna ever been to college?

Yes she went to college. She went to the college of Oklahoma University.

What did Jefferson F Long do after the civil war?

he went to a college and he started to find a job after he got his degree

Does a wrestler have to have a college degree?

no you just need to know how to wrestle and act

Where did famed football player and wrestler attend college?

South Carolina

What college did Blake Griffin went to?

Blake Griffin went to Oklahoma College.

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