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You can always check your School's website or by calling your local Board of Education.

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Q: How do you find out which High School your address would permit you to enroll in?
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Is it possible for grandmother whose granddaughter lives with her but does not have custody enroll her in school?

That would depend on the school district and their rules for enrollment. I would check with your school district or visit the school that you wish to enroll the child.

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Can a person that has a provisional (temporary) permit do traffic school? If one has a permit, one would think, they would be qualified to teach traffic school.

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He would have enroll in an alternative school or if none are available, attempt to enroll in a different district. Or, he can wiat one full year and then re-enroll at his old high school. The only other alternative he has is GED.

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Which are the methods for someone to enrol to Stratford's distance learning and finish high school at home?

To enroll to Stratford's distance learning and finish high school at home one would visit their website to enroll online. One can also call their phone number to apply.

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ECOT is a form of a public school. You would follow the same steps and would be able to obtain information or a work permit application sent to you from ECOT.

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