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How do you find out who sent flowers anonymously?

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call the florist they were sent through and see if they were billed by check or credit card. if the person paid cash, there isn't much you can do unless the sales person at the florist remembers the order and the person that made the order (which is not impossible, but is unlikely) maybe their description would give you enough info to know who it was...

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What online florists help customers in sending flowers anonymously?

The online florists that help customers in sending flowers anonymously would be 123flowers, or FTD. They both allow the orders to be sent anonymously so your secret love never knows their admirer.

What happens if you asked a question anonymously on Tumblr and then after the message is sent they go un anonymous Does this mean they can see what I originally sent anonymously?

No anonymous questions stay anonymous no matter what

Should a women who likes another woman send her flowers anonymously?

Absolutely not, she should give her the flowers personally

Is it common to say 'you was sent some flowers' if you get some flowers from someone else?

It is improper grammar to say "you was." You would either say, "I was sent some flowers," or "You were sent some flowers," not "You was sent some flowers." Although "Someone sent me (or you) some flowers" sounds better.

How many flowers gets sent on Valentine's Day?

It is impossible to find a correct number but I would think that Billions of flowers are bought and sent to peoples sweethearts on Valentines Day.

Why wont the florist tell you who sent you flowers?

The person who sent the flowers, and paid the florist, wants to be anonymous.

What did Scrooge give the Cratchits for Christmas?

He sent the Cratchits--anonymously--the biggest turkey in the poultry market.

Can you claim Power Ball anonymously?

No. Get a ticket and find out.

Where can one find cheap funeral flowers?

Funeral flowers are usually sent as a gift to the deceased's family. Most flower shops will understand when one mentions the flowers are for a funeral and perhaps provide some sort of discount.

Can the flowers be sent with personally written messages?

Yes all florests nation wide have delivered flowers that can be sent out with personal written messages.

Are the flowers sent through flowers direct in good condition when they arrive at destination?

In my opinion the flowers that are sent from flowers direct are in pretty good condition when they arrive to your door. They come in very good packing that keeps them very satisfied.

What is a sentence for Anonymously?

The vote was casted anonymously.

How do you react to anonymous flowers?

You smile and be grateful that someone is thinking of you. It is a very romantic gesture and the person who sent them obviously shy and afraid so they send them anonymously That is what they say to me anyway. You should also tell everyone you got them and pay attention to their reactions. You never know; you might see who it was then.

Are floral tributes sent to Jehovahs witness funerals?

Yes, flowers can be sent to Jehovahs Wittnesses funerals.

Does 1 800 flowers send flowers the same day you order them?

One you order the flowers, they are processed and then sent out. That could take 1 or 2 days. In most cases, they will be sent the same day you order if the order is placed early.

What is often done on Valentine's Day?

flowers and cards are sent

Use gesture in a sentence?

I sent her flowers as a gesture of sympathy

How many flowers are sent on Valentine's Day?

Over a million.

What are the release dates for Kid Fitness - 2005 Who Sent the Flowers 1-9?

Kid Fitness - 2005 Who Sent the Flowers 1-9 was released on: USA: 2005

Should ex send flowers to funeral of ex?

That's always a personal decision. I sent flowers to my exs funeral.

Do flowers that are pollinated by birds have a smell?

Flowers that are pollinated by birds do not have a sent or smell because most birds do not have the sense of smell

Where can you find the red flowers on Disney superbia?

You can find the flowers in the hannah montana studio

Is there a law on the florist not telling the recipient who sent the flowers?

no its called privacy

Are sympathy flowers sent to the home or funeral home?

either one will do

How Send flowers to Russia?

Now there are special services that you can use to send flowers anywhere in the world. In Russia, you can send flowers through I sent greetings to relatives.

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