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How do you find out who your soul mate is?

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go to, if you are intrested in Astrology.

If not then just wait for THE perfect one. Not kinda perfect, but perfect so that you know you would enjoy spending the rest of your life with them.

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What is the average time it takes to find your soul mate?

There is no average time it takes to find your soul mate. Some people find their soul mate in high school, others later in life, and some never find their soul mate.

Will I find my soul mate?

Someday, but to find your soul mate, you have to look for it. It wont appear out of the blue.

Why do people go into relationships?

To find their soul mate.

How do you find a soul mate?

I have no clue I'm trying to find out myself

Does having this idealistic view of what a soul mate should be provent someone from finding a soul mate?

Conditionally Yes. If a person is so self-centered around what a soul mate is that they themselves are unworthy of being loved, then yes, without anyone loving them they will not find a soul mate.

How to get your soul mate back?

Sometimes what a person thinks is their soul mate is not and the soul mate may be further into the future. If you are sure this is your soul mate then you will be together eventually.

Soul mate takes a lover?

Unless your idea of a soul mate is one that takes a lover, then probably this person is not truly your soul the soul mate taking on his/her soul mate as lover?

Can you find your soul mate at a young age?

yes u can i did

What if you have found your soul mate and they don't like you?

Then they are not your soul mate.

You feel that this guy is your soul mate but he told you that you need to find your soul mate?

It means that he's not your soul mate! It means that he won't treat you the way you need to be treated for the rest of your life. If you truthfully love him that much then you would prove it to him that he is your soul mate! Don't just lie around all day! Get up and do something about it!

How do you say your soul mate in spanish?

Soul mate means "alma gemela". Your soul mate means "tu alma gemela"

What are some signs that the person your with is your soul mate and the one your were meant to be with?

You now when you found your soul mate. They will finish your sentences you will both look at each other and know what your look for your. Don't look for your soul mate in some one how's not! when you find your soul mate you don't have to ask your self if that's the right person for you. You can actually feel it. We have two ways of living one is with something close to love and the other one is being patient and letting our soul mate find us to enjoy real love.

Is Bethany your soul mate?

A Bethany out there could be your soul mate.... ....but then again she might not

How do you say Soul Mate in Hawaiian?

Uhane (soul) hoa (mate/companion)

How do you say soul mate is tagalog?

soul mate= magkatogma sa puso..

When was The Soul Mate created?

The Soul Mate was created on 1996-09-26.

Is there something like a true soul mate?

Yes of course there is!! That's whart lifes all about u find a true soul mate and mate with them nd make kids so that's how the world keeps going!

What is greek for soul mate?

αδελφή ψυχή (adelfi psychi). In greek its not exactly soul-mate, it is sibling-soul.

How do you know your soul mate?

You know someone's your soul mate when you can't imagine your life without them in it.

Finding soul mate?

Yeah sure! Everyone wants to have a wonderful soul mate so do I:)

What is the Sanskrit word for 'Soul mate'?

Soul-Mate: Aatma-bandhu आत्म बन्धु

What are some good soul mate match finders?

There are a number of dating websites in which one can find their soul mate. A few popular choices would be Match, eHarmony and Plenty of Fish. One may also use the soul mate service provided by their local newspaper, which can also be found on their website.

Who is shadow the hedgehog's soul mate?

Shadow the hedgehog's soul mate is Amy. she brings out his true kindness and the soft side in him. if you think his soul mate is someone else please inprove the answer.

How do you find your christian soul mate?

There's a great article about this at the following URL

What are guys good for?

Women usually find their "soul mate." But reproduction if you feel that guys are heartless. (which they are not)