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How do you find people who have a compulsive lying problem for an illuminating television documentary?


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It depends where you are in the world, but to be honest with you most compulsive liars have a problem admitting they have a problem not to mention going on a television show, so you would really need to find people who live with compulsive liars who can persuade them to go on a tv show. I live with a compulsive liar, and they do not like to admit that they lie. Do you try and point out when they lie? why do you think that they lie? I was speaking to a therapist who said that it is a very difficult thing to a) recongise and b) change.


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There is no easy way to get true compulsive liars to stop lying. Many compulsive behaviors are symptoms of deeper mental disorders and may require professional counseling and/or medication to treat the problem.

It is likely that s/he would be able to help, since compulsive masturbation is an emotional problem.

Yes ocd is a mental problem, what else could it be? Xrays of the brain show ocd.

There are not medications specifically for compulsive lying. However, compulsive lying is usually a symptom of other underlying psychiatric issues, some of which may require medications. Sometimes just interacting with a councilor or therapy can cause a noticeable improvement with the problem.

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder feel ashamed of their problem and often try to hide their symptoms. They avoid seeking treatment. Because they can be very good at keeping their problem from friends and family, many sufferers do not get the help

OCD cannot be classified as insanity. It IS a mental problem but not as severe as schizophrenia for example.

It's very difficult to tell, usually its to protect themselves, but they can't stop, they don't realise what they are doing and its very unlikely they will change. But it is possible to change, I lived with a compulsive liar for years and now he is pretty much cured. Simply tell him/her that you know they have a problem with lying, and ask him to get help. Once he accepts he has a problem it will be easier.

He has a problem that is beyond normal because it is compulsive, so unless he goes into therapy and realizes he has a problem it will continue. You can't solve it or fix it so your best bet is to leave him and find another person who doesn't have this problem.

You don't! The person that is the compulsive liar has to reach out for professional help and it doesn't matter what you say or do, this person has to admit they need help. It truth when they say, "they are always the last to know", meaning, an alcoholic never thinks they have a problem with alcohol, a compulsive liar never thinks they lie, etc. Until they reach a point in their lives where they have no place to go but the truth about themselves there is nothing anyone can do for them.

Though compulsive lying is not considered a genetic disorder, it is a psychiatric illness. Compulsive liars actually take pleasure in this agbnormal entity and it feels right to them. Telling the truth, on the other hand, is very difficult and uncomfortable. This disorder is addictive and very hard to stop. Also, t make this more complicated, there is usually an underlying personality disorder. Compulsive lying can only be dealt with through aggressive counseling and therapy. However, for therapy to be successful, the patient must be able to admit that they do have a problem.

Get therapy for your problem, it isn't something you can just get over. A therapist can help you find ways to overcome your compulsive lying and help you figure out how to win back your friends and family.

Mental health problems are usually categorized by behavior disorders associated with them. They can be caused from a variety of reasons but are mostly attributed to a chemical imbalance. SOmething like OCD, refers to obsessive compulsive disorder where the person does compulsive behaviors because they obbsessively think about them.

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a person who lies about stupid things ALL the time (compulsively) 'stupid' things? wow, what an intelligent response. Can you define 'stupid'. what an intellectual reply. I'm glad I'm here, cause without you, i couldn't define or decipher what the term compulsive liar meant. thank you!! i have to monitor and be cognizant of my 'stupid' thoughts, because without you, there will be no way to discern if i have a problem or am a truly 'compulsive liar'...and you got to answer this question? LOL!! what a legitimate site..

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