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How do you find relicanth and wailord quickly in Sapphire?


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Train a wailmer for wailord, relicanth has to be found underwater no other way.


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you have to catch wailord and relicanth then put wailord at the front of your party and relicanth at the end of your party then you go to an underwater place that gives you the location of registeel.

The location to Wailord is to the far right and far down. The location of relicanth is underwater,border of sootopolis island, north of sootopolis island and little east of lilycove city.

first you have to get a wailord and a relicanth in Pokemon Sapphire and rubi the relicanth goes first in emerald the wailord goes first then you have to find it going through the current to the left of Paciflidlog Town i hope this helped you :D

you need a relicanth and a wailord

you will find relicanth underground under sotopolis city (note relicanth is super rare it will take for ever to find

In order to get Relicanth just dive preferably near mosdeep city, and be patient. It will appear. And to get Wailord fish with a super rod anywhere and and a Wailmer will appear. Train it to level 40 and it will evolve into a Wailord. That's it!!!!!!!

You find relicanth underwater near sootopolis city.

Wailord is an immense Water type Pokemon. It can be encountered in the wild in Pokemon Sapphire while Surfing on Route 129.

relicanth is in the "grass" just before entrance to sootopolis underwater, AKA seaweed and u can find wailmer with a super rod outside mossdeep city by fishing. it evolves to wailord at lvl 40. hope this helped!!

it evolves from a wailmer where you can get it basically in any ocean

There's only a small area to find Wailord off of Ever Grande City in Sapphire. An easier way to catch one is to get a Wailmer in the high 30's. Then just get him to level 40, where he will evolve to Wailord.

Simple you just look in seaweed near sootopolis and when you find it catch it

You can find a Relicanth underwater just outside Sootopilis (spl?) City

Wailord can be evolved from a Wailmer. A Relicanth can be found underwater. Relicanth is rare, you might have to spend some extented time underwater searching.AnswerWailord is not a Pokemon which can be caught in the wild in Pokemon Emerald. Instead, you can obtain one by evolving a Wailmer at level 40. Fortunately, the Wailmer found near Lilycove City (Route 124) are on or close to that level, so itshould be easy to obtain a Wailord.Relicanth can only be found underwater on Routes 124 and 126. It is a relatively rare Pokemon to find, but will appear with persistant walking through the seaweed.

regirock, is one of the 3 legendary trios in cartridges ruby, sapphire and emerald and it is found at the strange rock below the desert near at maouville but to catch this Pokemon you must first have a wailord at level 40 and a relicanth located in sootopolis. Note a relicanth is rare so take the tiem to capture it if you can find it

Wailord is not available in Firered as are all Hoenn pokemon if you want a Wailord you must trade one from Ruby,Sapphire,or Emerald.

in sapphire and ruby you have to go to paciflog town and go to the bottum house and surf down and left and for platinum you need the regigigas event and for black you need the event. hope this helped (WARNING: it may be wrong beacuse you need a relicanth and wailord.

Not unless u trade or use action replay or find a real good cheat. It's easy to get relicanth. Under water. Wailord:evovle wailmer at lv 40.' Hope i helped-L.G.

A relicanth cannot be caught in leafgreen but you can catch one in ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

You have to find a Pokemon that can learn the HM's try these Pokemon: Tentacruel, Relicanth, Wailord, Linoone, Fearow.

you find relicanth by mosdeep city.

Evolve a wailmer which is usually found in any sea-area (find by using super rod).

You can find a relicanth under the sea by sootopolish city or again under the sea on the way to mossdeep city and relicanth's are very hard to find unless u have sweet scent or white flute but it dose take a lot of time to get

Note:You can catch them before the Pokemon league. You go to Pacifidlog and surf in the current heading towards Slateport. You will find a place to dive and go there. Before that you need a Relicanth and a Wailord. Evolve your wailmer to get wailord(level 40) and catch a relicanth underwater by sootopolis. Wailord is first and Relicanth is last. Then go past the braille and dig. keep going and there is more. There should be an earthquake and the doors are opened. One is in the desert, one in the ocean by Dewford and the other is in route 120. You go up from there and find a big rock that is opened. Then there is a braille puzzle that you need to solve. Once you solve that, go through and there it is.

You can find relicanth on route 4

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