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How do you find surface area of a four sided thing which is not square or rectangle?

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2011-09-13 01:44:18
2011-09-13 01:44:18

FIRST, measure the bottom half. (Measure A)

SECOND, measure a STRAIGHT verticle line from top to bottom. (Measure B)

Multiply A by B.

This works because it can be turned into a rectangle or square. First, make a sraight verticle line starting from the left hand bottom corner. Go up until you meet the upper line. The triangle you have just created should fit into the space that is unoccupied to make a square/rectangle.

Hope this helped!

. okay, that didnt help. because the poor person up there, probably my reincarnation, SAID ITS NOT A SQUARE OR A RECTANGLE. like all sides uneven, pretty retarded looking excuse for a shape. your wrongggggggggggggg and i need help. rawr.

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Yes. Although a rectangle cannot be a square.

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An investigation into that question began several years ago, but was suspended when it was discovered that there is no such thing as a three-sided rectangle.

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it is the same thing as a square

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No such thing . . . A rectangle is a four sided polygon and a hexagon is a six sided polygon. How they could mix, I have no clue.

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There is no such thing as a three sided rectangle. They have four sides. Length and width of a rectangle being THE SAME (having a 1:1 ratio) will provide the largest area possible. In other words, for a given perimeter, a square is the largest rectangle. If you mean a triangle (which has three sides), then all sides being equal will still yield the largest area.

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