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How do you find the 3 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

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In order to find the 3 Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Pearl which are likely Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, first you have to free them from their traps in the Team Galactic Veilstone Building. Once that has been done, you can find Uxie in its cavern in Lake Acuity. Azelf can be found in its cavern in Lake Valor. You will find Mesprit in its cavern in Lake Verity however as soon as you interact with Mesprit, it will fly off and it will begin to roam around the entire Sinnoh region. Helpful recommendations for battling Azelf and Uxie in order to catch them is first make sure to save your game before interacting with them in order to start the battle with them because they cannot regenerate once you knock them out. Additionally any Poké Ball will work on them but Dusk Balls are recommended due to battling them inside of a cave.

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Where is shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

to get a shiny Pokemon there are 3 ways to get one 1. keep using your pokeradar to find one 2. every time you fight a legendary you have a 1 in 6000 chance of it being shiny 3. GTS

What is the action replay code for the 3 legendary bird for Pokemon pearl?

look on and get the Pokemon modifire action replay code to get any Pokemon in the natonal dex

What legendary Pokemon are in silver?

There are 3 ... you can get the Legendary Bird Pokemon ( HO-OH ) you can find it at the ten tower ... you must have a rainbow wing to enter the tower. but the other 2 Legendary Pokemon i don't think you can get them.

Who are the 3 Legendary Fairies in Pokemon?

Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are the 3 fairy-like Pokemon from Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl. Celebi is the forest fairy Mew is a fairy And Jirachi is the wishing fairy.

How do you release the 3 legendary Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

By going to Veilstone City and go to team galatic.Deafeat one of the commanders and you can realese them with the red button on the machine.

If i already have mesprit how can i get azelf?

in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Azelf/Mespirit/Uxie are all found in 1 of the 3 lakes. 3 lakes, 1 of those legendary Pokemon can be obtained there.

What is the action replay code for the three legendary cats?

there are no 3 legendary cats in Pokemon try 3 legendary dogsThe Pokemon company said that they were cats.

Where do you find all of the legendary Pokemon heartgold?

you go to burning tower 3 legendary dogs are there and after you talk with them you can see there faces on pokewalker map.

How do you get the legendary Pokemon regigigas in warcraft 3 Pokemon world 7.2?

you cant get it on this game because this Pokemon wasnt invented when the game was out, u can get it on pearl, dimond and platniaum by getting the original regi trio

Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Gold?

Ho-Oh and Lugia.Also the 3 Legendary dogs. Also I think Mewtwo and the 3 Legendary birds if you travel to Kanto later on in the game.

In Pokemon pearl poke'dex what are the Pokemon numbers 146 147 and 148?

they are the lake Pokemon you find them at all 3 laks in caves

After settin the 3 legendary Pokemon free where will you find team galastic?

On Mt. Cornet at Spear Pillar

Where do you get the 3 legendary Pokemon?

You Get Cobaloin In A Cave Near Where The Old Man Talks To You About Legendary Pokemon. You Must Have A Pokemon That Knows Surf Though.

What is the legendary on Pokemon FireRed?

the 3 birds

What legendary Pokemon can you get in pearl?

Here are the legendary Pokemon that i know you can get in Pokemon pearl and where you can get them 1) Mesprit- go to the Verity Cave and Mesprit is there and runs around 2) Azelf- Valor Cave 3) Uxie- Acuity Cave 4) Palkia- Spear Pillar 5) Cresselia- go to Fullmoon island and she will be there but runs away like Mesprit 6) Heatran- Stark Mountain 7) Giratina- Beat the elite four and go to Turnback Cave Hope i helped you find out what legendary Pokemon you find in pearl and where they are located actually you can get rotom you have to get the national dex and beat the elite four then go to the old chatue in eterna forest then watch the tv between 2000 and 4000 on the clock on the poketch Hope this helped:)

What are the 3 lakes in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

After you've caught the main legendary( either dialge or palkia) there will be the three legendaries in the lakes- azelf, mesprit and uxie. :-)

What legendary Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Crystal?

suicune, entei, raikou, 3 legendary dogs. then the birds, ho oh, lugia

Can you trade Sapphire Pokemon to Pokemon Pearl?

no. Saphire is generation 3 and pearl is generation 4

Where are the three legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond on ds?

Mespirit, Uxie, and Azelf. i don't know if these are th 3 legendary Pokemon you wanted, you have to be more specific

What do you do after setting free the 3 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon?

Go to Sunnyshore City

Where do you find regigas in Pokemon pearl?

u can find him in snowpoint temple after catching the 3 regis.u cant get the 3 regis unless u migrate them.

What Pokemon movie has Entei the legendary Pokemon?

Pokemon 3 The Movie, and Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

What are the 3 legendary birds in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

The legendary birds are: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

How do you get a legendary Pokemon lay an egg if you don't know the gender of the Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

Legendary Pokemon can't lay eggs no matter what game you play(unless you cheat/hack)A: The answer above is for the most part true. But in diamond, pearl, and platinum, manaphy CAN breed with a ditto but, the egg only hatches a phione. Phione does NOT evolve into manaphy.What is above is true if u count manaphy as legendary.Your Welcome1/3/09

Where is raikou entei and Suicune in Pokemon gold?

When you first find the 3 legendary dogs, they are in the basement of Ecruteak's Burned Tower.