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Marlin Fireamrs by Brophy.I can say that the Marlin model 55 shotgun was made from 1950-1965.The marlin model 55 goose gun which had a 36in barrel was made from 1962-1996.

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If your model 55 shotgun is the regular shotgun with a 26in-28in barrel,then it is worth between 30-100 dollars.If it is the marlin goose gun with a 36in barrel they are going for between 90-200 dollars depending on the condition it is in.

Your Marlin model 55 shotgun will range in price between 25-95 dollars depending on overall condition.

Your Marlin model 55,bolt action shotgun is valued at between 35-100 dollars depending on overall condition,and a good bore.

The original marlin model 55 shotgun was made from 1950-1965.This was before the gun control act of 1968 which mandated that all firearms have a serial number.

The two old model Marlins in 38-55 were the 1881 & 1893. They recently re-introduced the 38-55 in a Marlin for cowboy action shooting. Try for pictures.

model 55 the original marlin goose gun

There are two types available from Numrich gun parts for $24-$27. Type depends on how it locks up in your Shotgun.

best bet for older gun parts is they sell most everything gun related

Cannot find reference to a Model cc 550. Perhaps 650, which would be a Marlin Model 55.

The Western Field EMN 176 is a rebranded Marlin 55. The Marlin 55 was produced from 1950 to 1965. Here is a little more history:

how much does it cost a 1983 marlin 38-55 hex barrel?

Try contacting Marlin parts. Consumer Parts Orders: Consumer Service Dept: (800)544-8892

Find a copy of the company history written by Brophy and look up the sn.

want to know how much wroth money 1893 marlin rifle 38-55

i need some info the on marlin 512 cockmaster

numbered serial 199769 marlin 1893 38-55

Your Canadian made Winchester model 840 shotgun is valued between 55-100 dollars,based on the shotgun having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining.

Depending on overall condition.Your Marlin goose gun will range in price from 55-200 dollars.

your marlin model 1893 was made in 1897.

Gun shops,, gun shows, want ads, etc..