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How do you find the center of gravity of an irregular shape?

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well make your question clear

1.2 or 3 dimentional body

2.find center of gravity by complex problem solving method or simple practical method

well the practical way is simple

hold the object between 2 flat things and try pushing one of its ends. now if it moves freely like a wheel then the line connecting the 2 points is an axis of the object

now try to find another set of points having the same property with respect to the object this will be your second axis

now the point of intersection of such axes is the center of gravity of your body

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The best way to find the volume of an irregular shape is to split it up into shapes that you know, find the volumes of those individual pieces, and then add up all of the volumes of the split pieces to get your total volume of the irregular shape.

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You can use plumb lines to find the center of gravity of an object.

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