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The combination to the lock on the lighthouse is on a small sheet of paper inside Holt's Chess book. You won't be able to get the code [he watched his bag like a hawk] 'till Holt gives you the chess problem and gives you access to his chess book in his bag.

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Q: How do you find the code to the lighthouse in Deception Island?
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In Nancy drew danger on deception island what is the code to the lock on the lighthouse easy?

you first need to get Nancy's cell phone number, which is on her phone if you click on it. It should be at the bottom, not on the screen. Then, use your laptop to look up Morse code and then find out what the numbers would be in Morse code. Finally, you enter it all into the lighthouse.

In the Nancy Drew's Danger on Deception Island game how many placing are there to find clams?

There are the beach by the lighthouse and the beach you find by entering the new coordinates into the gps (the one you row to)

Where are the clams in Nancy drew danger on deception island?

If you go to the lighthouse, you will find some holes in the sand, which you can use the clammer to dig up. The rest are at the sandbar. (must get all rosebud messages)

What is the exact location of the Saint Helena Island lighthouse in Michigan?

You can find this lighthouse using these coordinates: 45.8550° N, 84.8637° W.

What will you find at the end of Beach 47th Street in New York?

Coney Island Lighthouse

Where do you find the picture on nates island?

You can find the old picture by the lighthouse, its floating around so you have to jump off.

Where can you find a photo to trade for scuba gear on Big Nate Island?

The photo is blowing in the wind near the lighthouse (far right on the island).

Where is the light house in ghost story?

If you take the boat directly across from the jail island you should find the lighthouse. :)

How do you get the locket on ghost story island?

After you find the ghost in the lighthouse, go to the rocks where the ship sank and pick up the locket.

How do you find the restless lighthouse keeper on Ghost Story Island?

Once you have gone to the Inn, and used the violin to enter the haunted house on the hill, you can see the Lighthouse with the telescope there. You will then get your ghost-detecting equipment from Jane at the Gingerbread House. Your first task is to get a photo of the Cemetery Specter (lot A at the cemetery). Once you sell this to the editor of the Herald, and deposit your money at the Bank, a small boat will dock on the beach and you can travel to the Lighthouse and the Prison island. When you return from your investigations, you will be prompted to go back to the Lighthouse to find the Keeper.

Where do you do the code on shrink ray island?

If its the morse code book, you find it on the girls bed.

How do you get the old picture on big nate island?

The historical photo is blowing in the wind on the left side of the lighthouse at Puffin Point (far right of the island). You will have to jump from the lighthouse ladder to grab it, and this may take several tries.Go to "Puffin Point." Go to the second floor of the lighthouse. You will find a picture flying around. Do your best to catch it! Then send it to the person who asked for it.

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