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Q: How do you find the gold mice in luigis mansion?
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Where to find mice outside?

where to find mice out side

Where do find pinky mice?

Pygmy mice? :o

What do golden mice look like?

gold like this!!!

Where do you find mice?

Demographically, mice are pretty much everywhere.

What would mice and ants compete for?

Olympic gold medals

Do cats eat mice?

Yes, Cats Eat Mice. They Find them.

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yes they are boys mice are always more dosile than girls. That's what i find with my mice.

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One can find optical mice at any store that sells computer accessories. Stores such as Fry's Electronics or Best Buy's are great places to find good quality optical mice.

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Well not all black mice are males that is very frequent to find a black mice was a male

Do mice eat shrubs?

the mice like the trash they eat evrything they find

In what desert do you find spiny mice?

Spiny mice are primarily from the Sahara Desert.

Do mice eat squirrels?

Mice are omnivores. So if they find a dead squirrel, yes.

Do mice nest in trees?

mice nest anywhere they can find a safe warm hole

What to do when you find baby mice?

If you find baby mice in your home, you need to set out traps to kill them. They are not just going to go away on their own.

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If you are looking for information about PET mice, then there is a great website in the related link :)

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Bats are not mice with wings. Their only real connection to mice is that they are both mammals and rodent sized. Bats are not actually rodents, however. Unlike mice, they use echolocation to find food, and bats have completely different diets from mice.

Why do cats chase mice?

To eat them of course. They find mice tasty. (Ew...) ________________________________________ And because they move, and appear to be toys.

What do the rabbits symbolize in mice and men?

The rabbits in Of Mice and Men symbolize the comfort that Lennie wishes to find in a home.

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Yes, usually.

To find what do bayby mice eat?


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In a warm spot

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I guess you will have to find out.

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