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the golden chicken toe is 50 miles from Bermuda. It's deep

down under the sea and lies between two rock caverns and it's very very dangerous! It's worth a fortune and it grants all your wishs! Be careful of eels and jellyfish and sharks!


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On Farmville you can get a golden chicken by buying one from the market for 25 farm cash. Or, a less expensive way to get one is if your friends have a golden chicken in their chicken coop and get some golden mystery eggs and publish them. You just have to click ' hatch an egg' on the bottom of the message. That's how I got my chicken :)

No but people use food color to make them look golden.

TO find toe jam you simply look in the mirror.stick your foot up ans find toe nail clippers. clip your toe nails(they need it). then say (hippo hippo toe jimpo)..... and WA la you see toe jam. once you find the toe jam you simply put it in you neighbors drink. - sara Parker

as heavy as a chickens toe when the chicken is laying an egg

A golden Comet is a cross Between a Rhode Island White hen and a Rhode Island Red rooster.

I've heard that you can sometimes find them in a golden egg. I recently hatched a golden egg and got a FV Animal Float, so no second coop for me.

i think you will find, the toe goes inside the boot

To find the Golden Chicken, you have to go to Faron providence, and go through the woods to find the area with the bird who sells lantern oil, and red potion. You'll find Rusl on the slightly raised path on the right. He'll tell you about a temple found deep in the woods. He asks if you'll take on the task of going there. Of course you will! Choose "Yes" and he'll give you a very special golden chicken. Grab the golden chicken Rusl provides and then jump to the platform ahead - don't worry about falling, the chicken will slow your decent letting you cross the gap. Continue to the next platform and then into the short tunnel. Rotate the bridge with the Gale Boomerang and then cross onto it with the chicken. Rotate the bridge once again and then float across the gaps, and wait till the swinging logs go off to the left side and the jump again.

To get golden eggs your chicken has to love you, the more it likes you the better chance you have to get a golden egg.

Morten Anderson of New Orleans.

Norm Johnson of the Atlanta Falcons

Turf toe is a condition of pain at the base of the big toe, located at the ball of the foot. Its cause by stubbing your toe! To find out more on this go to

a chicken liver. it is small and brown with a golden crust. amazingly it's good!!!

Its Chicken Toe Nails with Jam & Marmalade

1972 Don Cockroft K Cleveland

1974 Roy Gerela K Pittsburgh

1980 Fred Steinfort K Denver

1981 Rafael Septien K Dallas

1988 Scott Norwood K Buffalo

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