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To find the lien holder of a vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle will have to apply for a duplicate title. The VIN will be necessary to obtain the duplicate title. The lien holder will be listed on the duplicate title.

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2014-09-18 00:13:43
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Q: How do you find the lien holder if you only have the VIN of the car and no paperwork but you do have the car?
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Is a lien holder responsible if the car owner has an accident?

only if the lien holder caused the collision

How do you fill out lien release form for a car?

You don't. The only one who can fill out a lien relese is the lien holder. As the owner of the car you are not the lien holder. Take the title to whomever holds the lien and they will release it.

Can a lien holder take a full settlement if there are other lien holders?

Yes--as to that lienholder's lien only.

How do you remove a lien holder off an abandoned motorcycle in New Hampshire?

Generally to remove a lien, you have to pay the amount of the lien to the lien holder. Even if it is abandoned, the lien holder still has a financial claim against it that must be satisfied before the title is clear. The only other possibility is to show a court that the lien is not legitimate.

In Minnesota does a mechanics lien supersede a first lien holder?

A first lien holder is usually the lender or mortgage holder. Mechanics or Construction Liens do not supercede any lien placed before them or mortgage recorded after the lien is filed. In Minnesota mechanics liens are only enforceable for one year after the last day of service. Any lien holder, regardless of where they are in priority, can file to enforce their lien at anytime during that one year period.

How do you find the lien holder without a title?

The only way to verify a lien is to check the title in the land records.The only way to verify a lien is to check the title in the land records.The only way to verify a lien is to check the title in the land records.The only way to verify a lien is to check the title in the land records.

How do you get Equifax to remove a released taxlienfederal?

You must contact the lien holder. If necessary, Equifax can provide you with contact information for the creditor. Equifax can only remove it when the lien holder provides in writing a clearance of the lien.

Can you repossess a vehicle for nonpayment if it has a lien?

Only if you are the holder of the loan, or a court has ordered the surrender of the vehilce to you. As a simple lien holder, you can only block the transfer of the title and possibly recover from the sale of the vehicle.

How do you remove a property lien in Texas?

You resolve the lien through payment or release. Only the lien holder can remove it without a court order.

How do you find the lien holder of your car title?

I don't know the answer to this question, but save your $25.00. Carfax does NOT provide lienhlder information. They will only tell you if and when a lien was ever placed on the vehicle. CONTACT A LIEN SERVICE THAT WORKS WITH ALL STATES.

If the lien holder was supposed to repossess a motorcycle but never did can you sell it and how do you obtain a title?

No. A vehicle cannot be sold without a clear title and the only way to obtain such a document is through the lien holder.

Is a child support lien superior to a mortgage lien in foreclosure?

No, the only lien that supercedes a mortgage holder's are delinquent state/county/city real propery taxes.

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