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A mole of any element has 6,022 140 857.e23 atoms.

Mass of one atom is atomic weight/6,022 140 857.e23.

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Q: How do you find the mass in grams of atoms in an element?
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If the atomic mass of an element is x what is the mass in grams of 6.021023 atoms of the element?


Does mole of carbon atoms have a different mass than a mole of sulphur atoms?

Yes. To find out the mass of a mole of atoms of any given element, see the atomic mass given on the periodic table. A mole of carbon atoms has a mass of 12.011 grams. A mole of sulfur atoms has a mass of 32.06 grams.

How do you go from atoms to grams?

# atoms x (atomic mass of element in grams) / (6.02 x 1023) = # grams

How is the mass in grams of an element converted to number of atoms?

Divide the number of grams by the atomic mass of the element and multiply by Avogadro's number.

How is the atomic mass of an element related to a mole?

The atomic mass, in grams, is the mass of one mole of atoms.

How can you fine the mass of mole of atoms of atoms of an element in grams?

Simple: the atomic weight expressed in grams. Example for dysprosium - 162,500 grams.

How do you convert grams to atoms?

(grams) x (6.02 x 1023) ÷ (mass number of specified element in grams) Find the mass of the specified element by using the atomic mass on the periodic table. If it is a compound, add up the atomic masses of each atom in the compound.

Why does not atomic mass of element represent the actual mass of the atoms?

Because the gram atomic mass of an element is the mass in grams of Avogadro's Number of atoms. To find the actual mass of a single atom, the gram atomic mass must therefore be divided by 6.022 X 1023.

How can you determine how much of an element is in one gram by weight?

Use a periodic table to find the molar mass of the element (the atomic mass=the molar mass). The molar mass = the number of grams of an element that contains 6.022•1022 atoms of the element. The reciprocal of the molar mass times 6.022•1022 equals the number of atoms in the sample.

What is the mass in grams of 6.022 x 1023 N atoms of mass 14.01 amu?

The molar mass of any element is its atomic weight (amu) in grams, and 1 mol of any element is 6.022 x 1023 atoms. Therefore, the mass in grams of 6.022 x 1023 atoms of N = 14.01g N.

How do you convert from grams to atoms and from mass to atoms?

1 atomgram of a chemical element has 6,02214129(27)×1023 atoms. 1 atomgram=atomic weight of a chemical element exprimed in grams.

What is the formula for converting atoms to grams?

# atoms (mass number of specific element) / (6.02 x 1023)

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