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How do you find the name of the owner of a business?



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This may help. You can find this out by calling or visiting the Tax Assessor's Office for that town or city. You will need the address for the business. If the business rents it's location, the owner of the building will come up, not neccessarilly the business. also it could be listed under a real estate group with a general name, which won't be that much of a help. You can also check with the town clerk's office to see if the business is listed un the DBA files. Finally, you can visit the local land records office and search for the legal owner of the address where the business is located.

Another perspective

This may help. All new businesses are required to register their business name with some agency of the government. Banks, landlords, even the phone company require proof of registration prior to providing their services. Some states permit registration of DBAs at the local level - city, county, township or borough - but most process all registration including DBAs, corporations, partnerships, etc. at the state level.

All 50 states provide a free online search facility where you can locate the business registration by searching for the company by name. However, some search sites only provide information for registered corporations and many corporations do not always register in the state where they are doing business. Registrations include the business name, owner name, business location, and much more.

The Consumer Advisory Council provides a listing of links to all 50 state registration office search pages at the link provided below.


It can be extremely difficult to find the name of the owner of a business if the owner doesn't want that information readily available. You may need to engage the services of a professional. Not all businesses are properly registered and many business owners are skilled at burying their identities under a maze of paperwork. Even professionals can encounter a "dead end' when searching for the name of a business owner.