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How do you find the pokemon missing number in pokemon firered version?

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What is the Pokemon with the number 102?

Exeggcute this Pokemon can be caught in the safari zone in firered and leafgreen version.

What is hm 6 on Pokemon FireRed?

Hidden Machine number 6 in Pokemon Fire Red version is Rock Smash.

What Pokemon is number 152 in Pokemon firered?


In Pokemon FireRed what Pokemon number 126?


Where can you generate a fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

Fossils cannot be created in Pokemon FireRed, there is a finite number of them to find.

What pokemon is number 126 in firered?

it is magmar

How do you catch tm80 in Pokemon FireRed?

Any TM's above the number 50 do not exist in firered.

What does MissingNo stand for in Pokemon?

MissingNo stands for Missing Number in Pokemon.

What Pokemon is number 358 in ruby version?

The Pokemon is chimecho

What Pokemon in number 126 in the poked ex of FireRed?

Pokemon number 126 in fire red/leaf green pokedex is Magmar.

What is to the right of the sign on Pokemon FireRed?

A fire ball with the health number near it

What is the maximum number of Pokemon you can carry on Pokemon white version?


What is the total number of Pokemon can caught in Pokemon gold version?


In Pokemon Diamond version what is Pokemon number 108 in the Sinnoh Dex?


What is Pokemon number 65 in pearl version?


Which version of Pokemon has the ID number you need to get to Mirage Island?

Each of your Pokemon has a different number so the answer is all of them.

What is the sprite number for the flames in the background on Pokemon FireRed so you can edit it with ulnz gba?


Is Butterfree on Pokemon Gold version?

Butterfree is in Pokemon Gold Version. Butterfree is pokemon number 13 on the pokedex. It can be obtained by training a Metapod to level 10, at which point it evoloves.

Where do you get leftovers in Pokemon FireRed?

You find leftovers by using the Itemfinder on the dock where you find the snorlax. You get the itemfinder by adding a certain number of Pokemon to your pokedex.

Where do you get everstone on Pokemon FireRed?

i dont know where,but you have to find 1 of p.oak aids.he will give you the everstone as a reward for catching a certain number of pokemon.

What is the ID number for Pokemon Platinum version?

The ID For Pokemon Platinum(USA) CPUE d074d1b3

What is Pokemon pearl id number?

US Version: APAE-31d0afde EU Version: APAE-ebea12fb

On Pokemon Red version in pokedex who is 126?

number 126 is magmar

What is the game id and hex version number on Pokemon emerald?

your silly

What is hidden move number 7 in Pokemon firered?

That would be waterfall which can be found in icefall cave on four island.