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after you defeat all the planets (ice,fire,jungle)

you go into the asteroid belt

and you will find a blue building

then you click on it

you go up the blue rocks

and then you will see a key , click on it

it will spin into a portal

click enter the portal.

You will come to this castle thing

go to the ground

there you will see what you think is the princess, click on her

she will ask for the three mystical weapons

you will give them to her

then she will turn into Mordred

he will go through the puzzle door

you will click on the door

it will be a puzzle

after you defeat the puzzle you will go through the door

there you will find the princess in a green jar.

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The Princess has been kidnapped on Astro Knights island. (see the related questions)

you beat Mordred that is on a metier [location x83 y3] when you get all three weapons

Only to the Princess, who is not interested.

you can skip the puzzle if you don't talk to the princess (which is really Mordred) and click on the door.

i don`t know.i`m kiding you talk to the queen and king.

You don't, you have to get to princess tower by using your rope, shooting at the door on the princess tower, then go insde and find the message, then go back to the mueseum and do what the note said

There is a note on the far left of the room.

nothing you give her a note from the princess

after you find 24601 on poptropica find a place where you have to crack the code

The princess is in space being held captive by Mordred in a secrect palace guarded by a puzzel door.

there is no engraver poptropica.

The princess is in the casle.So you're wondering what casle I'm talking about,well I'm talking about the casle that is on the other side of the potal.The portal is on a asteroid,but the asteroid has a big blue crystal on it.But first things first,you must have gotten all three knights to open the portal.When you find the princess(in the casle)you have to battle a robot. ( tip; SEARCH ON WIKI ANSERS HOW DO I BEAT THE ROBOT ON POPTROPICA TO FIND OUT HOW TO BEAT THE ROBOT.

You can never find a gun in poptropica in your life sorry

After you beat Fire planet planet,and Jungle planet the princess will be waiting on one of the asteroids in the asteroid belt.

you go to a mysterious planet in the asteroid belt then get the key and then beat the monster with the owl and then take the princess!

its the light fixture close to where the princess is. There is one on either side

She the PRINCESS is on a asteroid being held hostage by Morder

you go to the windmill and jump on the blades they will turn around keep jumping until its completely open

you kiss her and marry her and run off into the sunset.

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