Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you find the regis?

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we cannot find the regis in fire red . we can only find it in a Nintendo event.sorry to say that.

you cant get all the regis only regigigas.

if you what the regis you have magrate from emelerd or shappire and the other one that how you get the Pokemon

coz lyme regis is a very blah blah blah

to find regigigas in Pokemon platinum you need to trade over the regis from another game and go to the bottom of snowpoint temple with the regis in your team. you will see a regigigas statue and it will come to life if you have the regis in your team.

You can find the three Regis in chamber-like places.Regirock is in Desert Ruins,Regice is in Island Cave,Registeel is in Acient Tomb.Shadowfritsch4

When you need to find the the ruby and sapphire, when you need to find the regis...

you need a relicanth and a wailord

you can't sorry.i transfer my emer__ to get the regis you can do the same with ruby and spafire sorry bout spelling

you only can find him in snowpoint temple in snowpoint city but you must have all three regis. bring all three regis go up to him and press A and the three regis will awekening him. hes a level 1 so have a goodb time catching him.

you can't get the three regis but, if you have pokemon sapir\rubi\emerald version on the gameboy advance, you can tke the three regis through the pal park in route 221 (in south). *there are three caves that may be the caves of the three regis but i don't know what to do there.

Regis philbin is the host on regis and kelly

it is for the regis look up how to find the regis and make sure you say what game it is it is different for ruby/sapphire and emerald

Bognor Regis, Lyme Regis.

there are other secrets in pokemon ruby where you can find the four regis

You need to get the special movie Regigigas.

regis groudon rayquaza latios and latias deoxys

regigigas but you have to have the three regis

Yes, one of the regis are at the end of Iron Island, one of the regis are in Mt. Cornet, where you got the Nevermeltice and one is on the route of which a strong sandstorm is brewing. (Between the Resort Area and Stark Mountain)

Regis is 5′ 7″ tall

Let me tell you where you can find all the Regis in Pokemon Emerald. Regirock: You can find Regirock in the Desert Ruins; I dunno where exactly it is. Regice: You can find Regice in Island Cave, which is in Route 105. Registeel: You can find Registeel in the Ancient Tomb, which is in Route 120. Hope I helped :)

Bognor Regis and Lyme Regis. There may be others.

Regis Parton's birth name is Parton, Regis.

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