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Since your equation is already in slope-intercept form, it's easy. Slope-intercept form is as follows: y=mx+b

m always ends up being your slope, and b is your y intercept.

Slope = 5, and the y intercept = 8 in your equation.

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What is the slope and yintercept of y plus 4x plus 3?

There is no slope nor intercept because there is no equation, simply an expression.

Find the slope of the line of 2x plus 2y equals 7?

The slope of the line of 2x plus 2y equals 7 is (7/2x - 1).

Y equals -4x plus 9 find the slope?

slope = -4 for y=mx+c, slope=m, y intercept=c

What is the slope intercept form for y equals 3x plus 3?

y equals 3x plus 3 is slope intercept form.

How do you find the slope and y intercept of y equals mx plus b?

The value of m is the slope and the value of b is the y intercept.

What is the slope of 7x plus 5 for x equals 2?

7x is still the slope, no matter what x equals.

Find the slope of the equation 8x plus 7y equals 28?

y=-(8/7)x+4 Therefore, the slope= -(8/7)

What are the slope and yintercept of line 5x 10y 15?

Without the inclusion of an equality sign and not knowing the plus or minus values of the given terms it can't be considered to be a straight line equation

Y equals 8x plus 8 what is the slope?

Slope = coefficient of x = 8

Find the slope of each line 2x plus y equals 10?

2x+y = 10 or y = -2x + 10 so the slope is -2

What is the slope Y equals -4x plus 5?

slope = coefficient of x = -4

Slope of y equals 3x plus 6?

y = 3x + 6slope = 3

What is the slope for y equals x plus 2?

The slope is 1 and the y intercept is 2

Find the slope what line 5y equals x plus 5?

After solving for y you will get y=1/5 x+1. The slope of this line is 1/5.

Find slope and y- intercept of line -5x plus 15y equals -15?

The slope is 1/3 and the y-intercept is -1.

How do you turn 10y plus 4x equals plus 10 into slope intercept form?

It is: y = -0.4x+1 when in slope intercept form.

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