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How do you find the spear pillar in Pokemon Diamond?

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Its at the top of mount coronet

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Where Do You Find Diagla On Pokemon Diamond?

spear pillar

Were to find Dialga Pokemon diamond?

At the Spear Pillar

Where do you find the adamant orb in Pokemon Diamond?

On Pokémon Diamond you find it on Spear Pillar.

Pokemon Diamond where can you find Dialga and Palika?

spear pillar

In Pokemon emraled where do you find the spear piller?

spear pillar is only in Pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum

Where to find Dialga on Pokemon diamond?

Spear pillar on Mt. Cornet

Where can you find diamond in Pokemon Diamond?

in spear pillar. Oh,by the way its called dialga not diamond you will have to fight some people first.

Were legendary pokemon find?

you can get Cresselia at full moon island Darkrie at new moon island diagla at spear pillar for diamond and palkia at spear pillar for pearl

Where can you find Dialga on Pokemon Diamond?

In order to find/capture dialga in Pokemon diamond you start in Mt. coronet and try to find a way to get to the top of mt.coronet which is the spear pillar

In Pokemon diamond of pearl you can get dialgia if you go to jublife?

In Diamond you can get Dialga, but you find him in the Spear Pillar after you beat Cyrus of Team Galactic. Im Pokemon pearl you find Palkia.

Where can you find a Legedary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

One legendary Pokemon appears at the Spear Pillar on top of Mount Coronet. It is either Dialga or Palkia, depending on whether you have Diamond or Pearl.

Where do you find Dialga or palika in Pokemon dimand?

It depends if you have Pokemon diamond you find dialga at spear pillar to get palkia you need to trade or use action replay

Where to find Palkia on Pokemon dimond?

Spear Pillar.

How do you get to Dialga on Pokemon on diamond?

You can find him at the very top of Mount coronet at the end of the game at a place known as Spear Pillar

Where is the piler in Pokemon diamond?

spear pillar? oh its not easy to find look good when you are in the snow location in mt coronet

How do you find Dialga on Pokemon diamond version?

he is on the top of mount coronet in the spear pillar the game story should lead you there

In Pokemon diamond why cant you get to dailger and fight him?

you can get him and fight him you need to go through mt.corenet and find your way to the spear pillar and there you'll find him.

Where to find Palkikia Pokemon pear version?

I think you mean Pokemon Pearl. The same place you find Dialga in Diamond. On spear Pillar. Come on, that was an easy one.

How do you find Cyrus in diamond after you defeat him in the spear pillar?

hes at his base

Where can you find a good psychic-type Pokemon on diamond?

bronzor bronzong mount corenet near top to spear pillar

How do you use Azure Flute in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to spear pillar where you find Dialga and use it there. A stairway will appear and go up it and you will find arceus

Where to get Palkia on pokemon pearl?

You'll find it in Spear Pillar.

What legendary pokemon can you find in platnum?

giratina at spear pillar

What do you do at the top spear pillar in Pokemon platinum?

you find arcues

How do find Palkia in Pokemon Pearl?

go to the spear pillar