Best Answer Go to this site. You can enter a stock symbol and get the cusip number or enter a cusip and ge the security symbol and name.

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Q: How do you find the stock name given a cusip code?
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How do you find a cusip id for an isin code?

From an ISIN, simply remove the first two characters and the last character, and the resulting code is the CUSIP.

How do you find a CUSIP for Bond name?

Try to search for the CUSIP/ticker based upon the name.

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If you have a bond number cr97-51 and a CUSIP number 999999816 how can you find the bond holder and location?

= CUSIP number 999999816 bond =

How do you find a cusip bond number for an inmate?

I doubt you'll find the answer on the internet because we are not even supposed to know there is such a thing.

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I am trying to find the sector and industry group name and corresponding ticker symbol for any given stock.

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