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It's not aluminum, it's zinc. The only time aluminum cents were made was 1974, and these were experimental pieces never put into circulation.

Since mid-1982 all cents have been made of zinc with a thin outer coating of copper. There are 3 ways a cent can appear to be "silvery" in color.

1. It's been plated for use in jewelry. In this case it's an altered coin worth only 1¢.

2. Someone dipped it in acid which removed the copper coating. Again, only worth 1¢.

3. The zinc core was never plated at the Mint. This is a scarce error coin that can sell for up to $100.

Unfortunately it's not easy to tell the difference. You'd need to have the coin inspected in person by a dealer who handles error coins.

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Q: How do you find the value of a 1989 aluminum penny?
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