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Use the ZIP Code locator provided by the US Postal Service. It is updated weekly, unlike other sites which are updated monthly at best. The direct URL for the ZIP Code Locator is:

Some ZIP Codes, such as for small towns or suburbs, can be determined only from the town name. Others, such as for cities such as Los Angeles, will require a specific address to determine the correct ZIP Code. The USPS lookup allows either method.

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Q: How do you find the zip code for a California town?
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How can I find the zip code for Los Angeles, California?

You can find the zip code for Los Angeles, California by looking in a zip code book available at all post offices. There are also zip code finders online.

What is the ZIP code for Clearlake California?

The ZIP code for Clearlake, California is 95422.

What is the zip code for USA California?

California doesn't have it's own zip code. There are many different zip codes in California.

Where in California is zip code 93560?

93560 is the zip code for: Rosamond, California and Willow Springs, California

What is zip code for Bell California?

The Zip code fro bell california is 90201

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What is the zip code for 2520 California st?

2520 California Street, Alameda, California has the zip code of 94501.

What is the Zip code for Modesto California?

The zip code is 209.

What is the zip code of Anaheim California?

92805 is the zip code

What is Riverside California's zip code?

951 is the zip code

Which city or town uses the ZIP code 21312?

There is no such zip code.

What town is the zip code 21312 for?

21312 is not a valid zip code.

Zip code for university of southern California?

the zip code is 90089

What is the zip code for el segundo California?

The Zip Code is 90245.

What is the zip code for Irvine CA?

Irvine in California has the zip code of starting 92601. The rest of that sequence also applies so it depends where the address is within the town area.

What town does zip code 64504 belong to?

The town that the zip code 64504 belongs to is Saint Joesph, MO.

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What is the postal zip code for the US?

Every town has a different zip code.

What is the zip code for Coachella California?

The zip code for Coachella, CA is 92236.

Where can I get a free zip code search?

The best place to find the zip code is to look up the town and ask for the zip code. You can also go to the post office either on the web or in person and look it up.

Zip code of garden town Lahore?

Garden Town is a suburb in the southern part of Lahore in Pakistan. The zip code for Garden Town is 54700.

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Lakewood California zip code is 90714

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