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Read a newspaper or watch the news on tv You can watch the news, or go to your local news website. It sounds like you might be working on a school project, which is awesome. My son had the same question for me last night. Your best bet is to visit or, which lists current events by region, topic, date and so on.

I use and have a tab for "Top Stories" and one from which both give top current events of the day. I also have a "Technology" tab which gives top stories in the area of technology.

More than that arrive every day in your newspaper. The idea is for you to actually read newspapers and learn to develop an opinion about the difference between a current event and what is pop culture. This site is not here to do your homework for you but we can help you learn and look in the right places.

war, terrorism, economics....

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Q: How do you find three current events in the news today?
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Where can you find current events?

the newspaper or

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The best place to find news for kids current events is in the digital version of both your local and daily newspaper. They have a section with current events on almost every subject including kids.

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One of the best websites to find news of current science events would be LiveScience. There are several other sites dedicated to current science events, and some are even specialized for kids as well.

Where could a student find articles for a current events assignment?

There are many places where students could find current event articles for assignments. One could try online news sites such as CNN, Fox News, NBC, or Russia Today.

I have to write a report on a national Current Events- any good stories that don't include politics?

"Current Events" means that YOU need to go read some current events where you live! Go find a newspaper.

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Current events means what's happening right now. The best places to find current events would therefore be newspapers and magazines, either online or paper.

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One can find out more about current events in Science in the following sites; Live Science, Science Daily, Science News, Info Please, and Macroevolution.

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