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get a measuring tape preferably the ones that are made out of fabric so they're easy to bend and wear a bra that has the least padding. wrap the tape around your band PARALLEL to the ground (make sure the tape doesn't go higher in the back or anything like that). your band size is the number that it is the most comfortable yet form fitting to your body. if it's an odd number add one inch.

for example my band size was 27 so i rounded it to 28

next measure your bust at the most prominent point of your breasts (ie the area that sticks out the most) so you'll get the highest number. make sure the tape is also parallel to the ground (measuring at the bust is most difficult to get it parallel. i found my tape would slip up on one side or droop down in the back). fit the tape tightly but also comfortably. same as the band, if you get an odd number, round up.

mine was 31 so i didn't need to round up.

if there is a 1 inch diff between the band and cup for example band is 30 and cup is 31, you are an A

2 inches - B

3 - C

4 - D

and so forth to 11 inches which is K

oh and most places in the US will replace an E cup with a DD and a F cup with a DDD for some reason. i guess for psychological purposes? i have no idea why

MY SIZE: because my band was 28 inches (rounded up to the even number) and the bust was 31 inches, I am a 28C. 28 for the band and C because 31 - 28 = 3.

ps, if you want to skip all of this and go to an establishment like Victoria's Secret to fit you, be warned they will compromise your correct size in order to sell you product. With me, they measured me as a 32 B because they don't sell 28's and this was the closest they had. oh. and they won't tell you that's not your actual size


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Any store which sells Bras will offer to find your measurement for free. This involves wrapping a tape measure around your bust and comparing the results to a chart, for the most accurate fit.

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Q: How do you find your bra size?
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