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If you have wifi you will get it automaticcaly if not just try to connect to wifi

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What is a WiFi code?

wifi is wireless internet ( you can get it on your ipod touch if you have one )

How do you get to know your friend code on Animal crossing wild world?

Firstly, you need to have wifi, and it must work. Connect your game to the wifi. Second, go to your town gate and talk to the dog on your right called Copper. Copper will ask you if you want to find out your friend code. Select that. By connecting to wifi, he will give you a unique friend code!

How can you connect WiFi on ipod touch if wifi connection is locked?

No... you have to have the password or code to sign on to the wifi that is locked ...

What is a pay pal code?

freind code for wifi

Where can you get wifi?

It depends sometimes there can be wifi anywhere but you will need to know there wep code (a wep code is there wifi password that they know) sometimes you can get free wifi say McDonald's or a Claim jumpers or maybe Safeway! but you might not find free allot or you can buy a wifi router which could cost 70 or less from you Internet provider like comcast or at&t or something else. Thank you I think this will help

Does anybody want to give you their friend code for Pokemon Heartgold so you can battle?

I would but idk what mine is. I have wifi and im connected but how do I find the code??

What is WEP security?

your wifi code

What is a wifi password?

It is the code that you use to access wifi. You can find it on something called a modem, it is usually in the top left corner of your modem. Some wireless networks do not require a password to use them.

Can you find out your friend code without connecting to WiFi in Pokemon diamond?

Nope, you have to connect in order to activate your Friend Code so that it'll be in your Pal Pad.

How do you get your wifi code from your dad?

Errrrr.... ASK him !

What is the wifi code to pcschools?

It us welcome2yranoissim

How do you find your friend code in Pokemon platimum?

You have to get a Pal Pad, downstairs Pokecenters. I think you have to connect to WiFi in-game once to get it, look on the pal pad at your friend code.

How do you get on to Pokemon pearl WiFi events?

you have to go onto the home page thing that says start game/ new game/ wifi. you go in to wifi and put in your wifi code.

How do you connect wifi to my NOOK at home?

Go to wifi, find your home wifi and type in the password if needed.

What app is good for hacking wifi?

there is no wifi hacking app you have to ask the owner for the code you can go to jail

How do you find your WIFI code on your computer?

I had to go through the same thing you're going through right now and that is why I picked this question. Just do the following instructions: 1. If you can't find your wifi code on your wifi router, then you this tells you that you must buy a new wifi router and register because it either expired or you don't have one. Your wifi router will be next to the computer and plugged into it and it will be white. And I am saying this because the only color it can be it white. 2. You can buy your new wifi router at Best Buy or Walmart. Walmart is cheaper than Best Buy, but Best Buy will probably have more information on how to register your new wifi router. 3. Bring your new wifi router home and register it. This means that you will make your won code that you will not forget. There will be instructions in the box on how to register. My mom had no problem registering. Your new wifi router will come with it's own newwork name. Able to help, Bella

How do you find out your pal number on HeartGold?

you connect to Nintendo wifi connection for the first time. then you check your pal pad for your friend code

What is the proxy code for NEISD Wireless wifi?


How do you get the WiFi headset to work for Pokemon pearl?

Ok,first plug your headset into your D.S.,then turn it on,go to wifi and there!Send me your wifi code and we shall battle

What is the trainer code that people use on here to trade Pokemon like this one that someone posted 5070 5195 0623 and where do you find it?

That code is a friend code that code gives you access to trade over wifi find yours in pal pad if you don't have it go to bottom of Pokemon center

Is there an AR code for WiFi tokens in Transformers Autobots?

no there isn't but you need wifi or if you have a action replay kit you can the cheats with that

What do transformers WiFi friend codes do?

they let u find friends on wifi

How do you find wifi on your computer?

WiFi is the wireless technology commonly use4d for find icon of WiFi on your desktop,by clicking on it you can run the internet without any modem in that particular area.

Where can I find the high quality wifi extender?

To find ports wifi, good to have certain progam and be near a site where they have internet with wifi so we would not have any problems to browse Internet.

How can you get your pal pad code in Pokemon diamond?

you have to go into the wifi place and if you succsessfully connect you get your code.

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