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How do you find zapdos?

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In Heartgold and Soulsilver have all 16 badges go talk to zapdos at the Power plant same thing with

LeafGreen and Firered have 8 badges and talk to zapdos

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Where do you find Zapdos on pokemon Firered?

In the power plant(Zapdos is hard to find but its is there).

Where do you get zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

you can find zapdos in the power plant.

How can you get zapdos in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can find zapdos in ecrutak city

Where is zapdos found in mystery dungeon?

you can find zapdos in mt thunder

Where to find zapdos in Pokemon Yellow?

Zapdos is found in the Power Plant.

Where can you find zapdos in Pokemon deluge?

In the Power plant you CAN SEE THE ZAPDOS

How do you catch zapdos in Pokemon diamond?

Go to halfmoon island and there you will find zapdos

Where do you find Zapdos in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

u can find ZAPDOS in mt thunder by RESCUING SHRIFTY

Where to find Zapdos in Pokemon Red version?

Zapdos can be found inside the Power Plant.

What level does Zapdos learn thunder bolt?

Zapdos doesn't learn it by leveling up. You buy or find TM24(Thunderbolt) and then teach it to Zapdos.

How do you find Zapdos in soul silver?

You find Zapdos after you get all 16 badges. It will be at the front of the power plant in Kanto. It will be Lv. 50.

Where to find Zapdos for the second time in Pokemon Blue?

You can't find zapdos a second time as it is a legendary. You only get one chance to catch it

How do you find Zapdos on Pokemon black 2?

Zapdos is not available on any Gen V games. To obtain Zapdos, you would have to transfer it from a Gen IV game

How to find zapdos?

On Pokemon soulsilver, after winning all the gym badges, Zapdos will be waiting for you at the Power Plant.

How do you find Zapdos in Pokemon SoulSilver?

After completing the game, go to the power plant. Zapdos should be waiting for you.

Where do you find Zapdos in Pokemon Blue rescue team?

Zapdos can be found on Mt. Thunder, Peak (3F).

Dude were do you find Zapdos again in Pokemon LeafGreen version he flew away and now i cant find him can sume one help me?

You can find Zapdos in Power Plant only once so if you let Zapdos fly away or if you defeat it you can never find it again in LeafGreen.

Where do you find zapdos in firered?

The power plant.

Where do you find Zapdos in Pokemon Emerald?

It is impossible to find Zapdos in the wild in Pokemon emerald because Zapdos lives in the Johto region. If you want to get it, you'll have to trade for it with somebody with a GBA game with a Johto setting. Hope I helped! :)

Where in mt silver is Articuno and Zapdos in soulsiver cause all you found was moltres?

you don't find them in mt silver, you find articuno and zapdos in their original places; zapdos-outside power plant articuno-in seafoam islands

Where is zapdos in platnium?

you have to complete the sino pokedex and meet pro.oak at a house near the cycling road then you have to find zapdos

Where do you find the legend Pokemon on FireRed?

you can find zapdos on the power plant

How do you find Zapdos in Pokemon FireRed?

Zapdos is located at the end of the Power Plant you can find it south of the Rock Tunnel Pokemon Center you will need Surf to reach it.

How do you find Zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

You cannot find Zapdos in Pokémon Silver however it can be found near the Power Plant in the Kanto region in Pokémon SoulSilver.

How do you catch Zapdos?

You have to trade it from Firered/Leafgreen in Pokemon firered/leafgreen you can find zapdos in power plant, but you need surf to get there.