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You try to put it in and if it fits your good and if it dosent fit your penis is to big

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2020-11-09 07:40:02

try if it doesnt fit you girlfriends vagina will hopefully stretch

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How does a penis fit in a vagina?

When the penis enters the vagina the vagina opens (streachs), The vagina will streach enough for any size on penis,

Should you put your penis in your girlfriends vagina?

Only with her permission and with a condom.

Why is the penis unimportant as it relates to the size of the vagina?

The vagina can change to fit most penis sizes, and it doesn't take an exact fit to get pleasure from penetration.

What should you do if your penis is too big for your girlfriends vagina?

It can not be. A woman passes a baby down that channel.

What if a penis is to big for a vagina?

From a womens point of view it HURTS.

How many penises can you fit in the vagina?

It depends on how big the vagina or penis is, but usually only one could fit in. But 2-3 might fit if they are small enough.

Is a large penis going to fit a small vagina?

Yes, even a small vagina can fit a baby. He might not be able to go all in but that is normal.

Is it normal that you can fit 4 fingers in your girlfriends vagina?

Sure. Remember that is stretches for a baby to come out.

How big does a penis have to be to plessure a girl?

The vagina can shape itself for the penis. If it is larger, then the vagina will get larger as well, and if the penis is smaller, then the vagina will stay the same, and not move out. This is because the vagina needs to get large enough to fit a baby through. However, it is not always this big, and why the vagina gets smaller or tighter over time.

What does a penis and vagina do?

the penis goes in the vagina

Penis does not fit?

Yes, in some cases the penis is too big or thick, or the vagina is too tight (or both). This, making the penis not be able to fit

How does a mans penis fit in a woman's vagina?

The vagina is very elastic, more than you think could fit inside. Be careful though, if you're tense, things may get damaged - insert the penis slowly and try to relax.

How do you enter penis in small tight vagina?

Yeah just normal make it fit stretch the vagina dont try to hard

How long pennic should be to fit women?

There is no specified length that a penis should be in order to fit a woman. In fact, a woman's vagina adapts to accommodate the size of a man's penis.

What does it mean if your penis doesnt stay in your girlfriends vagina?

You're either small or one of you is bad at sex. You fell asleep having sex.

I am a boy but i have a vagina whats up with that?

well if you have a vagina and no penis ... then your not a boy your a girl, but if you have a penis and a vagina then you a hermaphromdite,

How many penises can you fit in a vagina at once?

A woman's vagina can stretch to 5 inches wide(woman's vagina is elastic, which makes it simple to give birth) and can fit 6-7 inches long. I don't recommend more than one penis into a woman's vagina.

Why do cocks go in vaginas?

god made them fit, that's how a women and a man create children. a penis is meant to fit in a vagina for sex.

How does a HUGE penis fit into a girl's vagina?

The vagina is very elastic and can accommodate different sizes. Lubrication can also be used to make it less painful for the woman.

Does your penis have to be bigger than the vagina?

No The vagina adjusts usually itself to the size of the penis.

Can a 'penis' go in a 'vagina'?

yes and it feels really good

What is the young of a girafee?

a penis sucking vagina liking vagina face of a penis mouth

When the penis enters the vagina does the vagina get bigger?

yes! it does! the more the penis gets deeper the more the vagina gets bigger!

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