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How do you fix a 1998 Camaro 3800 v6 with an acceleration problem past 3000 rpms?


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Check plug wires I had this problem with my 1999 camaro new wires fixed it.


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F = ma, or a = F/m So, a = F (300 N or kg*m/s2) / mass (3000 kg) a = 0.1 m/s2Acceleration is 0.1m/s2 (Acceleration = Force/mass)

Depends upon which year of the Chevrolet Camaro for which you are looking. The brand new 2012 Chevrolet Camaro prices start at:Camaro Coupe is $23,280Camaro Convertible is $30,180Camaro ZL1 is $54,095and it goes up from there with the Special Edition Indy car.However, if you want a used Chevrolet Camaro - say a 1982 - you could find one as low as $3000 which would be a fixer upper.

Just use Newton's Second Law. That is, divide the force by the acceleration.

The idea is to use Newton's Second Law: force = mass x acceleration. Solving for acceleration: acceleration = force / mass. Pressumably, the acceleration is in meters per square second; the answer will be in kilograms.

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The torque rating for your stock 1968 Camaro 327 cubic inch engine is 235 pounds at 3000 RPMs. The torque rating at 3500 RPMs is 255 pounds.

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We'll assume that the force is given in newtons, andthat the car's acceleration is 2.0 meters/second2 .F = M AM = F/A = 3,000/2 = 1,500 kilograms

I have this same problem with my B3000. The only results I have found is that the IAC (idle air control) sensor needs to be changed. Also, you could try cleaning the throtle body plate and sensor. This could be causing your truck to not realease the throtle body when engaging clutch.

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the equation to use here is Force=Mass x acceleration, or, F=MA. It is a newtonian equation. 3000N of force = 200Kg x acceleration rearrange the equation to get: acceleration = 3000N/200kg a newton, in SI units is a mKg/s2. We can write this into the equation acceleration = 3000mKg/s2/200kg The kilogram unit cancels out and you get acceleration = 15m/s2 This means that for every second, the speed of the object increases by 15m/s

From: f = m * a, then a = f / m, so : > acceleration ((m/s)/s) = 3000 (n) / 1000 (kg) > = 3 metres per second increase in velocity every second.

I have 104,000 miles on my 1998 passat. 3000 is an ok deal, but make sure the timing belt has been replaced. I just had to spend $850 to get my timing belt, water pump and thermostat replaced.

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