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I did the same thing too, but there is NO way to fix that.

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How do you get a corrupt dragon mace in RuneScape?

All corrupt weaponry and armour are dropped from players in pvp worlds.

Should U.S. have given hiroshima a warning before U.S. bombed it?

They did give a warning: 5 days before the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, over 1,000,000 leaflets were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki warning the citizens that the city would be destroyed within a few days.

Why did America dropped hiroshima for japan?

They believed it would end the war, and act as a warning to other countries.

Which of these events happened when the US dropped the first atomic bomb?

The leaflet drop warning the Japanese about the new weapon.

How did Malcom X's life end?

Malcom X believed the Nation of Islam was corrupt. He dropped his membership in this organization and was assassinated by them in New York City.

Why did the US drop the atomic bomb instead of just warning japan?

Why was Pearl Harbor attacked without warning also? You will find online that we dropped leaflets over the cities before we destroyed them. I'm not sure if we actually did drop leaflets, but if we did, we did not drop them on Nagasaki or Hiroshima. They were dropped on other cities after the destruction of the others.

What does the snowflake symbol mean on a mini cooper?

if in a triangle, it a warning that the temp has dropped to 3 degrees or less and road conditions can be effected.

Was Japan warned before the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Planes dropping leaflets warning the people about the weapon were dropped before the bombs.

Where was announcement of dropping of atomic bomb?

Leaflets were dropped over Japan warning them of a "big bomb" but not naming it as an atom bomb. They were told to get their government to surrender or the big bomb would be dropped. The Military Leaders were asked to surrender again.

Will CPU frequency affect ram I fitted new batt to motherboard and selected default settings And now RAM has dropped in value quite considerably is this due to CPU frequency?

There is no connection between CPU frequency and ram value. But you meant ram frequency then it's possible nowadays motherboards allow to overclock factory settings by setting up higher values for CPU and ram voltages. Usually when you are overclocking FSB the ram frequency changes too.

Who made color paper?

It was a factory who had already made normal paper, but dropped something in it and turned colorful. Since then, they've made colored paper.

How much is a leaflet worth warning of atomic bomb being dropped on japan?

It is worthless because it is a fake. There were no leaflets warnings of the atomic bomb drops. After the bomb was dropped, Truman was quoted on a leaflet as saying that the USA had atomic bombs. I repeat, "AFTER." There were bomb warning leaflets that mentioned cities that might be bombed, but Hiroshima and Nagasaki were never mentioned and the atomic bomb was still such a secret that its name was never even whispered.

How much would it cost to replace the motor on a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero?

if you want just another factory motor dropped in it that would caused $1950-$2300

How did the fire of March 1911 at the Triangle factory in New York start?

Smoking. Officials believed it was a lit match dropped near oily waste fabric.

Factory work in the 1800s?

the answer for this question is very bad mainly for children they worked 12 hours a day standing up and they dropped the machine they would get beaten by the boss

The us was justified by dropping the atomic bomb on japan?

No true justification in the war with Japan; the bomb was dropped as a warning or threat to Soviet Union. Also this bomb was an experience of US army.

Production time dropped and profits rose at Henry Ford's factory in the early 20th century due to?

the moving assembly line, interchangeable parts, and the 8-hour workday.

What did Cinderella forget?

Cinderella forgot her fairy godmother's warning to return home before the clock struck midnight. When she heard the bells begin to chime, she fled in alarm and dropped her slipper on the stairs.

What is the value of the warning leaflet dropped in Japan prior to the World War 2 nuclear bombings?

That has to be appraised by a document expert but having one in good shape has some good cash coming.

Is dropped an adverb?

No, the word "dropped" is not an adverb.The word "dropped" is a verb, not an adverb.

What causes a PS3 disk to corrupt?

For the most part, disc errors are cause by scratches and swirls on the disc face, but they can also be caused by moving the PS3 while the game disc is in it, if the disc is dropped on the ground, or if the disc is flexed beyond a reasonable limit.

Where was the atomic bomb symbol used?

The nuclear bombs used in Japan in the end World Two, were dropped with the warning written in pamphlets dropped days before. The symbol for nuclear danger is a yellow and black which everybody seems to know. It is even in hospitals. Nuclear power plants providing electricity are full of them. One of the harmful species from nuclear fallout is the radioactive isotope of strontium, 9038Sr. so nuclear or radiation are harmful and the warning sing has to be always placed in those places.

Exact verb for dropped?

I dropped a ball

What tense is dropped in?

dropped is past tense

A sentence with the word dropped in it?

He dropped the ball.