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To fix a computer disk drive you just put some glue on the disk.

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Q: How do you fix a computer disk drive?
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How can you fix your DVD Drive?

1, it unloaded the heavy equipment is OK, 2, windos comes with DVD drive, and then not work as you drive to a DVD disk drive which sheets in someone else's computer with a U disk and then copied to the computer equipment.

What are the tree drives on a computer?

Hard drive, Disk drive and FLoppy disk drive

What are 3 types of drives on the computer?

Hard Disk Drive Floppy Disk Drive Optical Disk Drive

The main storage device on your computer is the disk drive?

Hard disk drive.

The main storage device on your computer is the what disk drive?

Hard disk Drive

What is the L drive on a computer?

The "A:" drive is the first floppy disk drive.

What is disk drive?

A disk drive is a device that computers can use to read and write information on computer disk. An example of one is the hard disk drive.

What is a floppy disk drive?

A computer floppy drive is the device that reads and writes to a floppy disk. It is located on the front of the Computer.

What is the disk that can be put into the disk drive of your computer?

If you have an older computer the 3.5" floppy drive fits into the disk drive. Newer computers only have "cup holders" for CD or DVR disks.

How do you fix the Xbox when it does not recognize any XBOX game you put into it how do you fix this?

It is possible that the lens on the disk drive may be dirty. If this is not the case, then your disk drive is probably corrupted.

You have just bought a usb flash disk but two things happen one the disk reads on your computer as a CD drive and not a USB device and two it tells you the disk is read-only is there a way to fix this?

restart your computer without device hooked up

What part of a computer reads programs and data from a disk?

The disk drive

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