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To fix a green salt water pool, add chlorine. Users can also add algae prevention chemicals to keep the pool from turning green.

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Q: How do you fix a green salt water pool?
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How do you fix green water in pool?

If you go to the pool store they sell a chemical called pool shocker. This shocks your pool water back to its normal color.

Why is the water in your pool a pale green and what can you do to fix it?

Just put some chlorine

What is a quick fix to make your bathroom vanity nice again?

Instead of using chlorine, it is becoming increasingly popular to have a salt water pool. The salt water keeps the pool clean, is free of chemicals, and is good for your skin.

How do fix blonde hair after pool water turns it green?

Go to a hair salon and get it done professionally.

How do you fix green in pool?

Vacuum if necessary then shock it.

How do you fix high stabilizer pool water?

how do you fix high alkalinity

I have just filled my pool with fresh water No chemicals were put in as promised to us while we were out of town How do I fix this I have a salt water system?

For starters you will have to find out how much salt needs to go into your pool You would brobably be best of taking the dimensions of you pool to a pool shop , along with a clean bottle containig a sample of the pools water from about an arms length down. they will be able to test the water and tel you exactly what you require to get the pool going again.

Can aspirin fix green hair?

If it is a green tint from a swimming pool then yes it does help - DO NOT EAT IT! Let about 6-8 tablets dissolve in water then wash your hair with it.

What is the smell of salt and vinegar in water?


If water is dark and murky must you drain the pool to fix it?


What to use to fix your green pool water?

algaecide. just don't put too much in because too much of it will stain your liner and that's what turns peoples hair green.

Is there a reason why your pool water would go from clear blue to a light foggy green?

You're pool has run out of cholorine. Without a sanatizer your pool will turn cloudy and then green. Shock it right away and make sure you have enough chlorine to sanatize. You also have to run the pump longer to filter out contaminants. You are not adding enough chlor I have a question what if your pool water goes from green to blue foggy water? Then what do u do to fix it? My dad has tried almost everything!

What can cause Green water in spa?

Sound like you have a problem with algae. An algaecide can be purchased at a pool shop to fix this problem. Just in case take a sample of the water with you when you go.

How do you fix lentils in a simple way?

Lentils, water and salt.

Is it possible to fix an easy set pool that is unlevel without taking the water out?


How do you get DE powder out of the pool water?

Firstly you find out how the DE got into the pool - must be a broken filter pad. Fix that, then vacuum the pool. No point vacuuming before you fix the filter problem, or the DE will finsih up back in the pool.

How do you clean a green pool that is not caused by algae?

To clean a green or murky pool, add more chlorine at intervals directed on the package until the water becomes clear. If the problem persists, use your test kit to determine if you may need to add a different chemical to fix the problem.

I have a salt water pool and a tremedous amount of dirt washed in it when it rained the pool is now brown. How should i clean it?

That sounds too far gone to fix with chemicals: you really need to drain it, scrub it if need be while it's empty, then fill it with fresh water and add salt/chlorine etc as appropriate. Ask whoever sold it to you if you want further advice

What is bettersalt water pool or ozonated swimming pool?

A salt water pool in most cases uses a salt water chlorinator. It converts sodium chloride (Salt) to sodium hypochlride (chlorine) so you still have a chlorinated pool. Ozone is far healthier and maintenance free. Ozone can replace partially or totally Chlorine in the pool. It is many times more effective in getting rid of bacteria, algae & viruses than Chlorine. It will maintain a very clean water without the use of the many chemicals used to disinfect, to adjust the PH, Alkalinity, .......... By comparison to the Chlorine , Ozone treatment is virtually maintenance free. All you need is to install Ozonator, add the Ozone fix and enjoy.

What to do if your pool starts to leak?

fix the leak. call a pool specialist if you don't know how to fix it

How do you fix rough coping around pool?

Fill it with water so skateboarders quit using it.

How do you keep the calcium flakes out of the saltwater pool?

The water must be out of balance to find out exactly what your problem is take a sample of the water to a pool shop for testing and they will advise you as to what the problem is and how to fix it

How to fix a milky salt water pool?

Test and balance the water. If your salt generator is not working your chlorine can be low, at this point you will need to add granular chlorine. Also check your stabilizer or cya, without this is your chlorine will evaporate. If your cya is fine and your chlorine is low it may be because you need to clean the cell.

How can you fix your pool if it is a really dark green after putting chlorine in it yesterday?

You have to pour clarifier. The color doesn't have anything to do with Cl.

Piece of grass growing through your liner of your pool The pool is full of water Any ideas on how to fix it without draining the pool?

Push the grass out with your hand and patch it quickly.