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It dependes on whats wrong

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Q: How do you fix a laptop keyboard?
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How do you fix your laptop keyboard that s not working?

Grow a beard, then buy a new laptop.. or a keyboard

How do you reattach a keyboard key on a laptop?

Hey, you can view the video at the link below, it shows how to fix a key on your keyboard, I usually go to this company for any help with my laptop keyboard

How to fix laptop keyboard letter to work?

I used the Tab key, it worked for me.

How do you fix a keyboard on a laptop when the keys don't work?

Press Tab key

How much does an Acer laptop keyboard cost?

Hey, you can check for your required laptop keyboard at That's where i bought my new keyboard from last month. They even have installation video's on how to fix your keyboard , which makes it very easy.

How do I fix my laptop when the keyboard won't work?

You don't fix it. You can't fix you're laptop if it's broken or whatever,If you're keyboard won't work. Just kidding !! But real talk,i don't think it will be fixed . . Sorry for you're loss ,buddy .

Can the keyboard on laptop be replaced?

no the keyboard is the laptop

Why did your keyboard and laptop touchpad stop working and how can you fix it?

Well it depends.. has the laptop been dropped recently? could be a motherboard issue. Also try opening the laptop and make sure the keyboard is connected to the motherboard.Most likely it could be a keyboard gone bad in the hardware department which you would have to replace it.

How do you fix your laptop touchpad?

Description of problem: Basically my laptop touchpad doesn't interact for a second or so after i have pressed a key on the keyboard. This is a problem when playing games etc.

What kind of keyboard can I use with my laptop?

The best keyboard to use with a laptop is the one that comes with your laptop, baring that there are a wide array of fold up or wireless keyboard.

How to fix Hp 6515b Laptop t not booting up?

remove the keyboard remove heat sink and remove old thermal paste and change new one it will fix it

How do you fix your keyboard keys?

Is the keys on a laptop or desktop? Is on a desktop they just pop off real easy and you can replace them with new keys. If it is on a laptop they are a little harder and require some work.

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