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restart the compuer or replug the cable or replug the USB cable

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How to connect the computer and printer?

using a usb cable which is a connection between the computer and the printer only or wirelessly which means everyone on the network can use the printer but only if computer and printer is wireless

How do you attach a network printer to a standalone computer?

Someone can attach a network printer to a standalone computer by using a USB connection. Using a cord to attach the printer to the computer, then installing the printer software, someone can then use the printer from the computer.

I have a computer but i dont know how to conect it to the printer?

usb to usb connection is the best way to connect your computer to your printer.

Can an ordinary printer print from a Blue tooth computer without wire connection?

No, unless the printer is Bluetooth enabled.

How does the printer communicate with the CPU?

What is often called a printer is simply an output device. The computer communicates with the firmware called printer drivers in the computer. The driver makes the connection with the printing output device.

How to Convert HP deskjet printer 940C to wireless?

Connect the printer to a network computer that is connected via a wireless router. If that doesn't work, use the built in WiFi connection and tell the computer to look for it and add it is a separate printer, then set it as the default printer.

How do you get a printer to work on a network?

You must have a network capable printer, with either an internal or external network connection, or you may connect the printer to the network as a shared printer connected to a network computer.

How do you fix a printer printing blank pages?

Check your ink or toner supply, and that the printer is receiving the correct signals from the computer or network. If a test page is blank, you are either out of ink or the print head has failed. Always try a different printer before assuming that the printer is broken -- it could be the connection or the manner in which the data is being received.

Two ways of connecting a printer to computer?

You basically have two types of connection. First one is a local printer, it's a printer connected directly to the computer you attempt to print from. Second one is a network printer which can be either directly connected to the network or connected to another computer and shared among network users.

How do you connect two printers with one parallel connection to one computer to another computer?

my answer-> Its an all-in-oneanswer b4 mine->There are two ways to make that connection. You either try finding a paraller connection splitter, ie, a box that has one input parallel connection (for the printer) and two output parallel connections (to each of the computers) and somehow toggles between the computers when needed, or you install the printer in one of the computers and establish a network connection between the computers with printer sharing.

Does a printer driver reside on the computer or the printer?

The printer driver resides on the computer. It is the software that tells the computer how to talk to the printer.

How many parallel ports on computer?

There is only one parallel port per computer, but in the recent years that port is obsolete. The newer printer models use the usb connection and that way the communication between the computer and the printer is much faster.

What are connectivity devices that enable a workstation server printer or other node to receive and transmit data over the network media?

There are multiple connection options for a Network Printer. 1. The Printer can be attached to a Router and be available to all of the Network's Computers that can access that router. 2. If the printer is attached to Computer "A" (via USB or WiFi) any Computer on the Network that can access Computer "A" can be allowed to access the Printer. Of course Computer "A" MUST be up and running.

Why cant you plug a laser printer into a usb port?

You can, provided that the laser printer has a USB connection and provided that the computer has a USB port and that the Operating System is capable of supporting the printer (it must have the proper "drivers" loaded)

A printer connected to a computer by way of a port on the computer is called a printer?

A (local) printer

How do you fix printer spooler service is not woring?

You can easily fix it with utility called Printer Spooler Fix Wizard as I remember.

How do you fix it when your Printer is printing things smaller than they are on the computer?

You need to choose "Fit to page" in printer's options.

What do you understand by the term communication?

If in relation to Computer Printers? I would understand the term communication is the ability for the computer to talk to the printer, either by a cable connection or by wifi.

How do you print something on my computer?

You need a printer that is a wifi printer or a printer you install on the computer. Once you do that you can send things to the printer.

Can you hook a notebook to a printer?

Depending on the Notebook computer and the printer, they can be "hooked-up." On modern notebook computers and modern printers, this can be done via a wireless network or a direct wireless connection via bluetooth. If a physical connection is necessary, it is usually done via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable. Keep in mind that for you to be able to print from the notebook to the printer with the connection in place, the proper drivers (software) must be on and working on the notebook computer.

How do you fix counter strike lags?

Get a better computer, a better connection or join a faster server.

Printer will not print from the computer?

Printer will not print from computer if: 1. The printer is not connected to computer 2. The printer Driver is not installed on the computer 3. The printer Driver is not compatible with the Operating System on your computer There are a whole lot of other possibilities please be specific with the problem scenario the printer is connected to the computer but when I go into my computer and go to add or remove it shows that it is locked out

When printing a picture off of the computer the color isn't as rich so how can you fix this?

It depends if your printer can take the resolution you want. Try setting the printer settings to High quality.

How do you hook up printer to computer?

you have this cord that comes with your printer and you hook it up to your printer and computer and there it is done!

What is bootstrap sweep circuit?

A bootstrap sweep circuit is a connection between two machines that can be used by themselves. It would be like linking a computer to a printer without Internet capabilities. The printer can work without the Internet on its own and so can the computer.