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How do you fix a slight leak coming from the sunroof on a 94 z24 cavalier do they have drain plugs?


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2011-09-13 01:52:36
2011-09-13 01:52:36

check to make sure it is the sunroof for one, 2nd after your sure, replace the rubber seal, 40 bucks i think, the rubber gets old and the window wont set down onto it properly anymore, also if you have gallon of water in the back seat but roof isn't wet, its not the sunroof, its the front window leaking down the frame rails then into the back seat, my sunroof leaks barely, but made me think the gallons in back seat was it, it was not the source of the heavy leaks, anyhow, hope it helps ya...


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A bottle brush is perfect for cleaning sunroof drain holes on the Ford Escape. The smaller tip on a two-tip bottle brush can be inserted and then pulled out to clean sunroof drain holes.

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where is the radiator drain plug on a chev cavalier

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where are the drain holes on the rear part of the sunroof and how do i clear them

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Open the sunroof and find the four drain holes. Clear any debris. Blow air inside the drain tubes to find out if there is any blockage. Slide the replacement tubing inside the drain hose.

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