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check to make sure it is the sunroof for one, 2nd after your sure, replace the rubber seal, 40 bucks i think, the rubber gets old and the window wont set down onto it properly anymore, also if you have gallon of water in the back seat but roof isn't wet, its not the sunroof, its the front window leaking down the frame rails then into the back seat, my sunroof leaks barely, but made me think the gallons in back seat was it, it was not the source of the heavy leaks, anyhow, hope it helps ya...

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 01:52:36
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Q: How do you fix a slight leak coming from the sunroof on a 94 z24 cavalier do they have drain plugs?
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How do you clear drain pipes in the sunroof of a 2001 volkswagen beetle?

How do you clear drain and tubes in the sunroof on a 2001 new volkwagen beetle?

How do you clean sunroof drain holes ford escape?

A bottle brush is perfect for cleaning sunroof drain holes on the Ford Escape. The smaller tip on a two-tip bottle brush can be inserted and then pulled out to clean sunroof drain holes.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1996 cavalier?

where is the radiator drain plug on a chev cavalier

How do you unplug the rear drain holes on your 1992 Lincoln mark 7 factory sunroof?

where are the drain holes on the rear part of the sunroof and how do i clear them

How do you repair sunroof drain tube?

Open the sunroof and find the four drain holes. Clear any debris. Blow air inside the drain tubes to find out if there is any blockage. Slide the replacement tubing inside the drain hose.

Where are drainplugs for moonroof on a 1991 Nissan Maxima?

the drain plugs are at the front part of the sunroof you will have to take the sunroof out to see them

Where is the radiator drain petcock on a 2003 cavalier?

The 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier radiator drain petcock is located on the bottom of the radiator. The drain will be towards the right side of the radiator.

How do you drain the cooling system on a 1996 cavalier?

Open the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator on the Cavalier if the plug is there. If the radiator is the model that does not have the plug, then the bottom hose needs to be removed to drain the coolant.

Where is Saturn sc2 sunroof drain?

One at each of the four corners.

Sunroof drains 2000 Camry?

A common problem with the 2000 Toyota Camry is sunroof drain clogs and leaks. These can be repaired through the dealership.

What side is the drain plug on your 1997 Chevy cavalier?

the oil drain plug is on the passenger side of the drain pan

Where is the sunroof drain on a exlporer?

I know there are two in the front that run down the A posts

Where is the drain for the sunroof on Hummer H3?

the sunroof shouldnt have a would leak in your vehicle if it had a plug to pull.wind should take care of rain water

How do you locate source of water on foor board on a 2001 mitshibishi eclipse?

If it has a sunroof, check the drain tubes for the sunroof. They plug up and the water gets in the car.

How do you clean the drain tubes on a leaky sunroof for a 98 Saturn SL2?


Why my 2007 GMC Acadia roof leaks?

does the rear sunroof glass have drain holes

Where are the sunroof drains located in a '97 Camry?

I believe they start at the rear corners of the sunroof and exit in/at the rear wheelwell areas.To check you can fill the sunroof chanels with water from a jug/hose and see/listen where they drain.

How do you drain the cooliant in a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?

Should be a drain plug at radiator either in rear or bottom

What could be causing a bad coolant leak on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier if a drain hose coming out of the firewall is leaking?

The DRAIN hose coming out of the firewall is the A/C condenser drain line. It is a drain hose and is draining condensation from the A/C coils, which is normal with the A/C on. You may also be seeing a drain line for the window cowl area. Now if you are talking about either the inlet or outlet hoses going to the heater, then you more than likely just need to replace them.

Where is the sunroof drain for a Ford Explorer?

They are in the 4 corners of the tray...inside/under the roof. NAD

How could a person repair their car sunroof for cheap?

To repair a leaky sunroof, you need to clean the drainage tubes on your sunroof. You can do this by sticking a thin wire or coat hanger in the drain. Then pour some clean water through the drainage tube.

Where do you drain the oil from in a 1994 cavalier?

Remove the oil drain plug located on the bottom of the engine on the oil pan.

Where is the oil pan drain plug on 2004 cavalier?

On the oil pan.

Where is the oil drain plug on a 2005 cavalier?

Bottom of the oil pan.

Why does rain get in your corner panels thropugh the sunroof drain holes So how do you solve this problem?

Make sure drain tubes are clear so water can run out